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    MO. - St. Louis - FX-7 Wave found

    Anyone from St. Louis out there. I never see any posts. For what it's worth:

    Just found: (Wal-Mart on Manchester)
    Queen Amidala: Royal Decoy (0100)
    Imperial Officer (0300)
    Rebel Trooper (0200)

    No FX-7 or Deluxe Leia/Amanaman finds anywhere yet.
    Any help?

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    Same Wal-Mart:

    Available this morning:
    Amanaman & Princess Leia (0700 - printed warning)
    Also received three cases of Wave 1 figures - backstock I'm assuming. Last week they received three cases of older Wave 2 figures like Plo Koon and such.

    Thay are packed to the gills with Deluxe Maul /Luke (I'd say 30 of each), 12" Death Star Droid Wave (guessing 10 each), and too many Ketwol wave to count.

    Let me repeat - packed to the gills!!!

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    Amanaman & Princess Leia are also at the Target @ 2341 N Highway 67 for $15.99.

    The Wal-Mart at 10835 Saint Charles Rock Rd had 25th aniversary Han/Chewie and Luke/Leia for $14.99

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    Target @ 15025 Manchester Rd:

    on the hook @ 12:00

    FX-7: 2
    Queen Amidala: Royal Decoy : 2
    Imperial Officer: None
    Rebel Trooper: 3
    for $6.44 each

    Amanaman & Princess Leia deluxe 4-5 each @ $15.99.

    25th aniversary Han/Chewie and Luke/Leia
    3 of each for $15.99

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    Thanks for the tip on Target/Manchester. I had my wife stop by around 8:30pm and they still had one FX-7. That wave is now complete. Let me know if I can ever return the favor. Now on the Eeth and Zutton.......

    Thanks again!

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    Keep it going...

    I just wanted to throw my name out here to keep it going. I am in St. Charles, so I usually hit the following stores when time permits...

    Target - 94 & Mid Rivers
    Target - Cave Springs

    Wal*Mart - 94 & Jungerman
    Wal*Mart - Zumbehl

    TRU - Mid Rivers

    Recent finds...

    Wal*Mart - 94 & Jungerman / Zumbehl (2 weeks ago)
    FX-7 Wave
    Eeth Koth & Snaggletooth
    25th Aniversary 2-pks (leia/luke & han/chewie)

    Question...any idea when the other 25th 2-pk is to come out (vader/kenobi)?

    Anyone else out there in the St. Louis area?!?!?!?

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    Deluxe Luke

    Wal-Mart on Manchester has Deluxe Luke in the clearance bin for $7.00. Throw in a $4 aquarium air pump and it is almost like a real toy.

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    Target on Manchester received another case of the FX-7 wave. Three left of each.

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    Angry Has anyone found anything new in St. Louis???

    Just curious if anyone in St. Louis has found anything lately? Still looking for the vader/ben anniversary pack. I noticed has the tie bomber & snowspeeder. I assume that Wal*Mart will be getting them soon. They also had the TRU AT-ST exclusive for sale, so hopefully TRU will get these soon as well. My wish list...

    Out now...
    Kenobi / Vader 25th Anniversary Pack

    Coming Soon...
    Tie Bomber (Wal*Mart exclusive)
    Snowspeeder (Wal*Mart exclusive)
    AT-ST (TRU exclusive)
    Clone Trooper - Sneak Preview AOTC
    Jango Fett - Sneak Preview AOTC
    R3-T7 - Sneak Preview AOTC
    Zam Wessel - Sneak Preview AOTC

    Happy hunting...please post if someone finds something. Maybe all of us could team up and help each other by picking things up for each other!!

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    Haven't found squat! I'll guess the St. Charles/St. Peters area has received Eeth Koth/Zutton figures, but I have yet to find them anywhere during many stops to many different areas of the city, minus out your way.

    Zero Ben/Darth Anniv. sets as well! I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if this changes. Till then.......


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