No, I don't know what it is. That's what I'm asking you!

Perhaps this is a bit premature, coming before ROTS and all the ancillaries come out, but in your personal opinion, what has been the COOLEST Star Wars thing ever made?

It could be a toy, a mask, a costume, a trading card (or the whole box), a movie, a fanfilm, a toothbrush, a box of cereal, a model, a get the idea...There have been thousands of things made in the image of or with the name Star Wars on it or related to it. In YOUR opinion, what has been the absolutely BEST and COOLEST Star Wars thing ever made and why.

And do you have it? If so, pix please!

If it's an interesting story, tell us how you got it.

Or if you don't, what you'd do to get it.

Maybe YOU made it yourself or it was custom from someone else. It doesn't just have to be an "official" product. Maybe it was an "ode" to Star Wars in another movie or tv show like the Simpsons or something else. Maybe you liked just one action figure...or the entire line. Or maybe you think that an action feature on a toy was the coolest idea ever. Whatever you want! It's YOUR choice.

The possibilities are endless and no answer can possibly be wrong, because YOU get to decide what YOU like the best.

So without further delay, bring it on! Let's hear what YOU think was the absolutely best and coolest Star Wars thing EVER!