While I'm not ready to do more Rogue's Galleries, I've been reading - or rather rereading what I want.

I decided to read ALL the post-Jedi straight through right into New Jedi Order. I'm using the Essential Chronology's ordering in the back, to determine my read order.

Started with Tales from Jabba's Palace and learned Ephont Mon, Tessek, and Bib Fortuna survived - but only Ephont didn't end up with their brain in a B'Omarr Monk Jar though.

Then I reread Han Solo's Journal and Mara Jade, followed by Boba Fett's adventures in the Bounty Hunter Wars. Let's just say I haven't been bored. Then Fett: Agent of Doom.

Next to most of these, I preferred Truce at Bakura and Shadows of the Empire: Evolution. They were much better written than I recall. Once you get used the Ssi-ruu and the entenchment idea (with a pretty big leap of faith), you get a pretty cool story.

Now I'm reading all the Rogue Squadron Comics. Mike Stackpole is always awesome -whether he's writing his books - or the comics!