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    Hi everyone. First post and I had no idea where to put it! SO i was wondering if any one knew where one could find loose lightsabers that would work with the 3" figures? The reason being that i have been looking into the jeci council scenes and want to give them lightsabers. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just wait until the new Gen. Grievous comes out. I think one of them comes with 4 lightsabers and at least 2 so if you by a couple of them you'll have extras.
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    This is the right place to post this I think (and as the head moderator, I guess that means it is ).

    There is the Saga AOTC accessory pack, it has 3 lightsabers. Also, the old (and VERY easy to find super cheap) Escape the Death Star board game has 2 figures and several POTF2-era sabers. There's the Clone Wars Jedi 3pack at KB for $5, each one has a saber, and Slicker's point about Grievous is a good one, 4 sabers for $6.
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