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    Picked up 7259 ARC-170 Fighter

    $40 at TRU, it's got 396 pieces so that jives with the price. The build is a bit unconventional but not outlandish, however it does require a little Technic building which some collectors find frustrating (keep in mind that whenever you see a technic + rod with a number in the instructions, the number means how many Lego studs in length it is). A few times the instructions caught me off-guard and I missed a piece, once or twice because it was added when a sub-build was added, and once just because I missed it.

    The vehicle itself is pretty accurate for the most part, I can see how the upper canopies could have used paint to make them more accurate but the general feel is still there. The upper 2 canopies are hinged and to get figs in requires that the sides of the vehicle up there hinge open, the front canopy has to be removed to get the figure in there. The main body uses a combination of little tricks to get stuff in place and suggest the shapes of the vehicle, but there are some sections of the cockpits that are open to space for what I'd call "no reason at all" (the front cockpit is open at the front in a way you can barely see, it's under the nose of the ship and has to be that way because of the hinges in the way, but a plate could probably be put under that facade hole to cover this; the rear of the canopy is open to accomodate the shape of the canopy, there's a triangluar brick but it could be a lot higher up still or something else could be built there, and the sides could be shored up; the real gaps come at the upper section though with both canopies open at the bottom for no real reason and both hinged side pieces of the fuselage open underneath to allow the part to hinge, but this could have been filled with angled bricks or just bricks 1 stud further in -- none of these gaps will be hard to close up with just a few bricks I think).

    The fuselage is roughly the same length as the Dagobah X-wing with a little less bulk, has a rear-mounted rotating/hinged gun and a clever sliding bomb-chute which doubles as the activation gearing for the wings. (1 note on the bomb-dropping gimmick, there's no hatch so if you turn the vehicle upside-down the bombs may fall back out the top.) The wings by the way have a wider span than the Republic Gunship - the ARC-170 altogether is 19" wide! With wings that wide, they do droop a little and are a bit too easy to get out of alignment, but it's still an impressive set that's very "whoosh"able. The wings start with the engines, using printed disks (I think they're from Throwbots or something) that definitely adds a lot of character to really make the engine design pop. The main wings are done fairly simply and held in position on rotating technic pins that are kept from rotating only by some fairly weak 4x1 smooth tiles, but the whole design holds onto the ship very well even if the wings start to take battle damage (aka "come apart" ); they end in a very large underslung gun design which is faithful to the movie version but looks too much like a silly toy design to me.

    The main gimmick is that there are 2 smaller wings above and below each main wing which open like the S-foils on the X-wing, and in fact use the same general concept as that Dagobah X-wing's geared design. Here though, the wings don't hold that close to the larger wing when closed and are not as smooth to open because of the way they're mounted (this also sometimes makes the little wings rotate out of position), but the finished effect is still pretty nifty. I appreciate that the designers made it possible to easily remove each entire wing from the fuselage for storage by using a gear-to-gear design and technic pins, with a 19" wingspan I still haven't found anyplace to display it whole.

    Bottom line, it's a cool set, not the most outstanding set ever, but fun all around and impressively wide with room for the 3 included figures and an astromech. The look is that of a meaty fighter, like something that defended Britain during WWII, and from what I've seen so far captures the look of the movie vehicle pretty well.
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    Re: Picked up 7259 ARC-170 Fighter

    SOunds good, cant wait to get this one. Thanks for the review JT.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Picked up 7259 ARC-170 Fighter

    Today at TRU i found the Clone Turbo Tank it was $89.00 but they have that Buy one get one 50% off sale going on too so I also still needed a Falcon so I bought it for $99.00 and got the Clone Tank for $44 not to bad a deal I think would have rather gotten them bought half off but I'll take it..
    also that was the only EP3 lego set they had for sale except preview set.

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    Re: Picked up 7259 ARC-170 Fighter

    Ya I really liked the ARC fighter as well-looks really cool displayed next to my Dagobah X wing...cant wait to build the Turbo Tank to see what that ones like


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