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    Mustafar (Question)

    I was surfing around the cargobay at star, and it states Mustafar wont be released until April 18th?? I thought we had confirmation of it being released on the second?

    Here's the link anyone?

    (Oh they also list what figs will be out and such)
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    Re: Mustafar (Question)

    I heard the second of April and that's what I am going with until I see otherwise. The cargo bay has been known to have the wrong release dates on many items.
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    Re: Mustafar (Question)

    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    The cargo bay has been known to have the wrong release dates on many items....

    from time to time....
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    Re: Mustafar (Question)

    I looked for a bit to find this thread....
    I'm still a amiss at the fact that this playset was implied all over the internet as being a MM release...but still, no one, not even seems to have it.
    Surfed over to TRU's site and found it listed for $29.99 with this text:

    "Availability: This item will be released on June 1, 2005. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. from ToysRUs "

    Yeah, it's nice to save the $32(I'll buy it in store, 6% PA sales tax) until then, but it'd have been nice to actually have the playset before 5/19. Not that I'm in a huge rush, but again, I thought I'd have it by now.
    At least it's not like the Ep1 and Ep2 sets/set where I never knew just WHEN they were gonna hit NE Pennsylvania.

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    Re: Mustafar (Question)

    I put it in our list because I thought it was expected on April 2nd, but unlike basic figs 33-40, I didn't have any actual finds or real-world info to back it up, so it was just expectation - however, it never entered my mind that it wouldn't be available on time, unlike some other items which I kept off the SSG list (the original version, I think Steve added them back later, and he was right on some of them too darn it. ). But, as of today, I haven't seen one single sighting of this playset, and there aren't any on ebay so it's entirely possible it won't be out for a few weeks or longer.
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    Re: Mustafar (Question)

    Well...Lets hope Cargobay is right and the 18th is the day!!! (even though nothing else comes out that day so says CB)
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    Re: Mustafar (Question) is claiming June now for this. I would certainly hope this would be out by the time the movie hits the cineplexes. Oh, well...

    Right now, I'm all about finding #33-40... *sigh*
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