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    What would you like to see from Medicom next?

    Hey, this is worth a shot. We all know that hasbro doesn't listen or care what 12" collectors want, but maybe Medicom will. This is tough because, unlike marmit, medicom isn't restricted to armored figures, and there is a sense of urgency since you never know when hasbro will pull the plug out much like they did to marmit.
    I pray that they stay away from what marmit has already done. I like what they've done with the kubricks and that makes me think they've got enough sense to avoid this. Although, at some point, if they made a Fett, I wouldn't mind seeing a ROTJ version (I'd rather see no fetts, though).
    It would be cool to see them complete the armored imps with a royal guard, biker scout, and a death star gunner.
    A Han wouldn't surprise me since medicom is obsessed with him already having made 4 in the kubrick line with a 5th one coming out soon. If this happens, I would like to see a Han endor above all, I guess because of the trench coat.
    There's really just so many characters that would make cool RAH's. Anyone have any requests?

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    Re: What would you like to see from Medicom next?

    A Han Solo would be awesome. I'm not sure which version I prefer as they're all great. But if they want to make him fit with Luke, perhaps an Endor version would be best. I'd also like a Leia.

    But if they're going to be sporting the $200 price tag like the Vader and Luke ones, then I'd prefer it if they did Jedi/Sith. The Emperor, Obi-Wan (any of the four versions), Mace Windu, Anakin (preferrably ROTS), Qui-Gon, or Darth Maul would be excellent. I just love the Jedi/Sith outfits over most other Star Wars stuff (besides helmeted characters).



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