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    Episode II Slave 1 Boxed Pics

    Someone named Mr. Mullet has box pics of the Slave 1 Episode II vehicle up. Looks pretty good actually, though I dunno if I believe the claims that the cockpit will hold Jango, Boba, and 1 other. Especially with the horrible leg stances, so I guess that means we will get a normal posed Jango for his Slave 1.

    Enjoy the pictures, the ship looks pretty good actually. Can't wait for this one. Just hope the figures end up being as good as the ships appear.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Thanks JarJar! and WOW!

    This is total evidence that Slave One is a completely new Sculpt!

    My '96 is right here next to me. The engines have been moved, everything! The cockpit holds more figures! Whoa!

    I am going to love shooting missles with it! With this and my TIE Bomber, I can PLAY with my toys like a kid again!!! Yahooo!

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    Guess this finally shows that its a whole new mold. I definitely don't mind that.

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    A dramatic improvement, no doubt, lets just see GREAT figs to complement what look to be well designed vehicles.

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    It's very nice, hopefully the finished figures will be equally nice.
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    I am most impressed with the new Slave I thus far; as for the packaging, I dig it...has a sort of original POTF thing going on with the text design

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    Yanno, this piece actually looks better than the photo we got a few days ago. When I saw that repainted Gungan stack, I was thinking, oh dear, this is going to be interesting. But the multi-shot is great, and the only problem with this vehicle is the most obvious one. How are we going to display this thing in flight mode?

    Maybe they'll have stands for it, or maybe somebody will share their displaying practices for the prior ones...

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    I see no problems with the Slave I or Jedi Starfighter. Actually I would have liked the R2 droid from the Jedi Starfighter to be removeable. Oh well.
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    With the old version it was easy to hang from the ceiling using the handhold on the underside/rear and the 'wings' struts. i just used twelve pound fishing line and stuck a big eyelet in the ceiling beam of my room and hung it there mid flight firing at the other ships i got hung up.

    Actually, i just did a litle lightening on the images and there appears to be something akin to the handhold near the front on the underside. it would be possible to hang the ship after all. Cool! but that same handhold thing looks to have some kind of holes in it suggesting a connection of some description to something like a base stand.

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    I hope so, Jargo. That'd be sweet. Then they would have thought of everything!

    3 in the cockpit!

    4 rotating multi-shot quad torpedoes

    Hidden pannel to hide torpedo launcher for display.

    1 or more depth-charge launchers at the bottom

    a flip open, concealed tractor beam projector (unless this is where the charges come out the front)

    Positionable wings (like before)

    poseable cannons (new but like before)

    Possible display handle (and even rack???)

    a place to hang it from!



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