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    How about....

    I was thinking about trading cards in general and the VOTC line, when I came up with a neat little idea.

    Howabout giving us trading card reproductions of the original vintage card backs, in actual size. Yes, that's right, full size vintage card reproductions, marketed and sold as trading cards!

    The could do a line for each movie, Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. Then they could give us repros of the Revenge prototypes and POTF cards, maybe even Droids and Ewoks.

    Here's what I suggest. Topps could pack these in see through window packaging and sell 2 cards per pack. That way collectors could see which cards they are getting and with only 2 cards per pack Topps could afford to sell these at a low price.

    Just a though.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: How about....

    That would be cool and different.

    The trading cards that are being handed out at C3 are interesting, too. I could see more cards in that style being released.

    Here's what I'd like to see:
    * CW series 2 and 3 cards. C'mon, you gotta think this is in the works somewhere.

    * ROTS widescreen. I'm thinking this would be the second series of cards to come out late summer or early fall, similar in fashion to what Topps did with ATOC.

    * 3D cards. Technology has improved since the TPM 3D cards. I think it's worth another shot.

    Whatever Topps does, it will be hard to top (no pun intended) the Heritage set. A nice set, if I say so.


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