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    Zutton, Zutton, Zutton! Thank you to those who pointed out earlier that Zutton is NOT Takeel. Yes they both wear red, so what! I've said this in I don't know how many times I've posted this to threads, but here we go again...

    Zutton is one of at least FIVE "Snaggletooths" that people the Star Wars film and television universe.
    Takeel and at least one other of his race appear in the Cantina.
    Zutton joined the fun with Harvy Korman and Bea Arthur in the Holiday special.
    There is a Snag on Cloud City in Empire.
    Geezum, yet another Snaggletooth appears in Jabba's Palace and on the Sail Barge.

    There you have it kids, the mystery of Zutton solved.

    And yet there is more to Zutton than JAFS (S = Snivian, Zutton's race, you figure it out). The presence of Zutton, though it does prevent a Cloud Car Pilot or Imperial Dignitary from being part of the same wave as the Imperial Commander does suggest something very important. No matter how obscure the character, it has a fighting chance to be made. Don't be down on Hasbro for creating a Zutton figure, applaud and salute them! Hasbro needs to know that we appreciate their new-found willingness to recognize a very viable market for all characters in the Star Wars Universe, not just the core 30 or so principals. Remember, the potential for future figures rests on our respones to every figure Hasbro chooses to greenlight. Lets all join together and let Hasbro know that we want them to keep up the good work and make just everybody in sight!

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    Dr. snuggles

    I've got nothing agains Zutton. As a mather a fact, I like the figure a lot. Makes Hasbro unpredictable, I like that. Better than the endless line of resculpts.
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    And maybe we'll get Teek.

    Aren't Takeel and Zutton both supposedly in the cantina?
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    Oh boy, here we go again!

    Takeel is in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

    Zutton appears during a Mos Eisley Cantina sketch/musical number featuring a number of familiar faces from the movie Cantina along with Harvy Korman (sporting a volcano head) and Bea Arthur taking Wuhur's place at the bar, and at least three brand new aliens produced to make up for a shortfall in surviving original masks. You almost have to have been around back then to have seen the thing as Lucas has rarely acknowledged its existance, much less made it public knowledge. And it didn't end there back in the nutty 70's. A contengent of Stormtroopers lent their previously unknown dance talents to a Star Wars based musical number on the Donny and Marie Show (this was a musical/comedy variety show, not their current talk show). And the surviving "cast" of the Cantina peopled a more terestrial bar in a sketch on the short-lived Richard Pryor show. And as we all know, Luke (Mark Hammil to be exact), 3PO and R2 made a Muppet Show guest appearance on an episode of "Pigs in Space!". And who could forget C-3PO's Cereal? "Oh! Crunchy food!" (an actual line spoken by 3PO on a commercial for the breakfast fare when confronted by a hungry rock monster). Yes, there is a sad television history to Star Wars that is little discussed and largely forgotten. And it all culminated in four of the most tragic black spots on the entire Star Wars Saga, the Droids and Ewoks cartoons (black marks one and two) and the two Ewok television films (the remaining black marks). Perhaps someone needs to start a tread on the subject of Star Wars on television. I remember my friends all wondering when there would be a Star Wars weekly television drama. Even at the tender age of twelve I secretly hoped, NEVER!

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    Hi Jedicole,

    I guess the guy is just teasing you.

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    Okay, JediCole, I believe you. I know that the Encyclopedia says both frequent the Cantina and, since it took me nearly two decades to see one Snivvian in there, I just took that at face value.

    BTW, completely off subject, but related to your post, a Star Wars weekly might not be too bad, so long as it focuses on a "fringe" character--and preferably one who doesn't appear in the films at all. Corran Horn or Kyle Katarn would be likely subjects who could be built upon in such a show.
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    I think it's good that Hasbro is keeping us guessing. I for one am getting a little tired of the constant complaining about he new line of figures. First it was: too many core resculpts not enough obscure characters. Now it's: Why those obscure characters?

    I guess it would be nice if we could pick every figure in every assortment; but even then people wouldn't be satisfied. Once we are no longer able to complain about the assortment, we'd start complaining about the sculpts, accessories, poses, articulation, etc. Which we do anyways.

    Basically Hasbro will never do right by some people and they know that. We're lucky they listen to us at all with the Fan Choice Polls. They could've just as easily cancelled the line when they realized kids were no longer interested, but they chose to keep it going, for us. Some people in this forum act like Hasbro is doing us a disservice by not filling out their own personal wish list in it's entirety. We should be glad Hasbro's been as open as it has in the past year.

    Just my two cents.
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    Thank you BigBarda for your well thought out post. So many people look at these forums as a complaint fest. I quite agree, we are so luck to have a voice at all. A voice that was long ignored by Hasbro. It seems that the better things get, the better people want them to get.

    A lot of you don't realize how close we came to Barda's "doomsday scenario", a world without new Star Wars figures. Someone more in the know will have to confirm this, but when Hasbro's license was about to lapse, every toy company under the sun was vying for the license. It was rumored that Mattell offered $1 BILLION for the license. Despite the truckload of cash poised to be dumped on LucasFilm, Lucas persueded Hasbro to renew, probably recognizing the potential that so many people in these forums seem to ignore. Hasbro was considering letting the license lapse, but conceded to Lucas' request and now we have close to 100 figures out or on the way that would not have existed otherwise. And I guarantee that Mattell would have made a shambles of the license.

    Keep that in the back of your mind next time you take to the keyboard to complain about articulation, character choices, or accessories and pack-ins. Ultimatly we need to be praising Hasbro whenever possible if there is even the slightest chance that their reps are peeking in here. Though Star Wars is a powerful brand for them, it is also an expensive one to maintain.

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    Why does he change names?

    I am new to the Star War scene and just started to buy some of the dolls. I like the Zutton but when I read these forums he keeps changing names. I saw Zutton and Gezum and a few others. How come his name keeps changing? What will the name be so I'll know who to ask for when I go to Tom's and buy one. When will he be out? I like him because of his big head. I've got the hammerhead guy and two different Darth Vaders!

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    I'm pretty sure Zutton will be the final name of the figure, with the nickname of Snaggletooth, since he most resembles that figure from the original (vintage) line. In case you didn't know, the original line came out between the years of 1978 through 1985 in conjunction with the original films. I'm not trying to be condescending, it just really seems like this is all-new ground to you. Hope this helps catch you up.

    Oh, and one bit of etiquette, a lot of fans really don't like it when you call the toys 'dolls.' Try 'action-figures.'
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard


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