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    Not to repeat anyone but having Zutton in an assortment is a Godsend for us. He was in the Holiday special for cripes sakes, something that George wishes was never made! How Good is this for us? I can hardly remember seeing the special and I won't buy a copy of someone's basement tape. I think that this bodes well for the future of our beloved pastime. I love every figure that they do no matter how horrible the sculpt or obscure the character. Why? Because it's our hobby. Have I been satisfied with every choice made? No, no one is. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll buy those figures. Hasbro is catering to our wants and listening to our ideas, can you beat that? Heck no!!

    It's the golden age of collecting and we ought to be happy to be along for the ride.

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    Zutton is cool and can't wait to get him(them,I'm buying a few )As someone said it could be a start of more figures to come,, Lumpy would be nice to add to my collection
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    How many of you will see Zutton as an EU fig ?

    I too am encouraged by him - if they'll make a character from the Holiday Special, Teek can't be far behind! Maybe even the original character named Mace, Cindel's brother. But all I want is the Teekster and maybe Noah . . . fully accesorized with . . . walking stick. Although it works well against a sword!

    Sorry, back to Zutton . . .

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    Well, I will stand by and say I want the Wookie family cinema scene. Anyway, this may be a break we need for Expanded Universe. I do not think he is, but you never know.
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    I hope you aren't suggesting that Hasbro may make ol' Golden Girl Bea Arthur into an action figure... like Mrs. Wuher? Or volcano head Harvey Korman... Captain Hothead?
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    gods no, it's Darth Bea

    C'mon now, she's older that Yoda!! Zutton fits in with the line but Bea Arthur. I retract my previous statement and I will not buy a B. A. figure.

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    Can you imagine a world where Bea Arthur is the dominant Star Wars pegwarmer?

    Whereas Teek, of course, would rush off shelves. Sorry, bad joke.
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Whereas Teek, of course, would rush off shelves. Sorry, bad joke.
    Or he may seem like a pegwarmer when he's actually selling and restocking so fast.

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    Ya....I reckon B.A. would be the major peg warmer down at Toms with all the other "Dolls".
    and then she said "Do ya love me?" and I said "NO! but thats a pretty nice ski mask!"

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    blue Snackeltooth

    According to the 'Fatz Starwars Creature Database' a blue Snag does appear in the cantina scene of ANH. And he is the twin brother of Takeel and not the twin sister.
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