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    Here's a link to video of Winston saying it.

    Thanks goes to
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    The Plot: James Kirby returns because he had to get a number he'd saved in his cell phone!

    A rescue attempt is made with AT&T troops as opposed to ATF agents.

    The dinosaurs are repelled by telemarketers and a new program to clone the telemarketers using JP technology threatens to destroy world sanity.

    Now the dinosaurs are the good guys and only the velociraptors can save us from the threat the release of the new clones off the island would mean.

    Peace at Dinner Time in Jurassic Park takes on a whole new meaning as it's 5:59 pm, a finger reaches for the speed-dial button - and only a velociraptor getting his dinner can save you peace of mind for yours...

    Jurassic Park 3: The Lost Peace.
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    Sam Neill talks more about JPIV.


    Sam Neill was in Queenstown, New Zealand recently and 'Mark' got to speak to him about the fourth 'Jurassic' flick: "Yeah, Steven Spielberg and his people are quite busy prepping another one. There is a chance you'll see me in it. I'm as surprised as anyone, because I didn't think there was any way they could get Alan Grant involved again. But they came up with a clever idea. Steven just blew me away with the story....something frightnening is happening concerning those dinosaurs that doesn't necessarily bode well for us humans. Scientists never seem to learn". What sort of tone can we expect? "You know that feeling when you first saw the original film, and you were so in awe, and felt so swept away and mesmerised by the sheer majesty of it all? I believe this premise has the potential to elicit that same kind of response. Out of all the concepts that've been created for these movies, this is possibly my favorite".

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    BD- Thank you for that!!!! Gives me some actual hope for it!
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    Jurassic Park IV Officially Confirmed!


    Variety reports that Universal Pictures has tapped William Monahan to pen the script for "Jurassic Park 4." Steven Spielberg is expected to serve as the Executive Producer, with Kathleen Kennedy as the producer again. No director has been announced yet.

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    I think the reason JP2 was not very good was because they did not stay true to the novel at all.

    I read the novel & said this movie is gonna rock. Then I saw the movie & was like, erm? What's going on?

    They need to pull a Lucas & go back & redo JP2 to be like the novel, then rerelease it. They would have a big winner on their hands.

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    More news on this subject thanks to Stan Winston.
    In an interview with FX man Stan Winston about Terminator 3, Stan made some comments about the new Jurassic Park. This is in the latest issue of BOXOFFICE magazine.

    What's happening concerning Jurassic Park IV?

    SW- Plenty of brainstorming sessions with Steven Spielberg! Even though it's pretty early in the piece, things are moving forward very nicely. We're into the design phase here at the studio. Our drawings and concepts get submitted to Steven, who makes changes or corrections if he wants to. We're doing a lot of research and checking up on the latest dinosaur theories, because this has always been about making the animals as accurate and realistic as possible. We're just getting an idea of how challenging this project will be. During our concept meetings, Steven has said 'I want a particular dinosaur to do this, this, and this. Can you do that?' Yeah, yeah, we can do it. He asks me how we are going to do it and I just say 'I don't know how we will do it, but we'll figure out a way to do it and we'll do it' (laughs). There is no official director yet, but yeah, it is going ahead slowly but surely.

    What do you hope to achieve with a fourth installment?

    SW- From a creature standpoint? We're going beyond what we have done in the first three films. For example, there will be motors inside the raptors this time, which gives you a more direct relationship of point of movement to point of control. We have so much now in our knowledge bank of what we can do live with animatronics, and how much we can do with digital animation. We'll continue to blend these technologies in ways they've never been blended before. My goal on Jurassic Park IV is to show the audience something that hasn't been seen before, or what's been seen before, but in a different way - raise the bar and do it in ways that people have not seen before. You use what you've done and you take the bar further.

    How will Jurassic Park IV's story improve on what has been seen previously?

    SW- All I can say at this stage is that it's extremely exciting. Expect to see many new dinosaurs, as well as some old favorites from the last three movies. There are also several previously unfilmed scenes from Michael Crichton's novels which Steven is looking to adapt, plus a whole bunch of really creative new stuff. It's all coming together to create what should be a remarkable cinematic experience. If you thought we sent the world into dino-mania back in 1993, hah! You ain't seen nothin' yet. If dinosaurs are big now, they're going to be huge come 2005.
    Jurassic Park IV
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    I cant believe some of you didnt care for III. I thought it was action packed through the whole movie. Very cool indeed. Even now when I hear someones cell phone ring with that particular ring I always turn around to make sure there isnt a huge dinosaur breathing down my neck.. ( oh like you guys have never heard that ring outside the movie.. )

    as for IV, Im all for it. Sheese, Ive got a kid who loves the movies, so the more the merrier.. I do think that IV should include twin chinese women who fit in the palm of your hand.. they need to be able to sing of course.. sing well enough to have the original Godzilla ( RUBBER SUIT!! ) break out of one of the mountains.. then he can eat the dinos and save all the stupid humans who are all trespassing anyway....

    ok... maybe not...
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    I loved the original JP film (saw it 10 times in the theaters) and still do today. TLW is a great movie up until the T-Rex hits san Fran. I also wasn't fond of Malcom's daughter, at all, she was just annoying. As for JP III, i loved it. Sure, the ending was really.....odd, but it brought this cheesey sorta B-movie style feel to how the Grant outwitted the raptors. I also wanted Tea Leoni to meet a horrible death at the hands of a raptor, but beggars can't be choosers.

    I'll be seeing JP4 in 2005, cause i trust that Spielberg will revive the genre again and the possiblities of Grant and Malcom to return would just be awesome. cheers!!
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    Originally posted by Tonysmo
    I cant believe some of you didnt care for III. I thought it was action packed through the whole movie.
    I didn't care for any of them. Sure it had good special effects but to me it was the same as any other dinosaur attack movie. Plot was kinda corny. If it was left as one film without sequels I think it would have been better off. How many different places can dinosaurs attack without it getting played?
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