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    Re: Sam Neill talks Jurassic Park IV!

    My prediction for the new idea - the dinosaurs start to evolve very quickly so that they are smarter, perhaps smaller. They will probably challenge humans for control of the planet. I fear the dinsosaurs WILL carry weapons, and perhaps, God help us, talk.

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    Re: Sam Neill talks Jurassic Park IV!

    I foresee the line, "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty Velociraptor!"
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    Re: Sam Neill talks Jurassic Park IV!

    (In David Spade Voice) I liked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called....................................SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2.........
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    Re: Sam Neill talks Jurassic Park IV!

    LMAO! What a way to kill a nearly-dead franchise !

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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    It sounded great when they were just talking about a full-on dinosaur invasion on American soil; but a squad of commando dinosaurs in body armor?..... What the heck is that?

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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    Battle armored dinosaurs! This thing sounds awful!

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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    Ugh . . . excuse me while I vomit. This is incredibly stupid! Just let the franchise die, neither of the sequels were that good anyway, but this one just is dumb.
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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    Just terrible. They should have stopped after the first one.
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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    I dunno. He really skims over the rest of the script for anybody to give a decent judgement. It starts off interesting with dinosaurs on the mainland and then we meet Hammond again and his idea of breeding new dinosaurs to kill the old ones and then we head back to JP briefly to track down the shaving cream can of nedry's then he only briefly mentions mercenary dinosaurs. Frankly, i would love to see this be an all out dinosaur rampage flick. I don't think Amblin/Universal have that much to risk as the series is already considered nearly dead. Hell, i'd love to see it!

    Also, if a mod could merge this into this original JP4 thread i'd appreciate it. Might wanna rename the thread just 'jurassic park 4" talk or something. Cheers!
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