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Mr. Binks, your dinosaur facts are flawed. The T-rex was a scavenger, certainly, but the spino sure as hell wasn't an active hunter. The spino, in all likelihood, was also a scavenger, and at best it fished, didn't hunt. The spino is larger than the T-rex, but weighs almost half as much and isn't nearly as strongly built. And the spino's jaws are more delicate...if he bit the T-rex like he did in the movie, it probably would have broken his jaw!
DeadEye, I think I will take the informed opinion and information of an actual Dinosaur expert over yours. You know, the experts that worked on all three of the films. The people that actually have degrees in the field.

And for your information, a alligator or crocodile also weighs alot less then you, but can bite a nice sized hole in you, or remove a limb, if given the chance. The length of the jaws, actually allow it to exert more pressure per square inch, then you obviously think.


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