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    I totally despised the first movie. It was almost nothing like the book except for Nedry's subplot line and the people getting trapped in the middle of the island with the dinosaurs running around. Maybe I would have liked it better if I hadn't read the book first, I dunno.

    I actually like JP2 better than the first just because they put the T-Rex in the middle of San Diego (?) and let it run around. The rest of the movie was just so-so. I supposed I liked it better because it was nothing at all like the book so there was nothing to compare it with except for the excreble first movie.

    JP3 sounded so ludicrous I didn't want to waste my money; not even at the $1 theater.
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    Let's not argue about the T Rex vs Spinosaur. You both have valid points, even if they're contradictory.

    First up, the Spinosaur couldn't have gone ten seconds with a T Rex. The Rex was built for strength. Whether scavenger or predator (more on that in a second), its jaws were designed for crushing bone. The Spinosaur was larger, but much more gracile. Its jaw muscles were strong, no doubt, but it couldn't have snapped a Rex's neck. . . on land. Fossil evidence shows that most of the other members of Spinosaurus's family were fish eaters, and, other than the size, the Spinosaur wasn't built noticeably different from its smaller cousins. Also, its teeth weren't designed to deliver killing blows and would have most likely snapped off.

    Dinosaur experts? Well, I'm siding with dinosaur experts when I say I believe Rex was probably one of the nastiest land predators of all time. That's a point that's up for contention. The leading proponent of "scavenger Rex" is Jack Horner. Not to diminish Mr Horner's intellect or past accomplishments, but the theory doesn't hold water with a lot of paleontologists. Horner put forth the theory of dinosaurs as caring parents after discovering Maiasaura about twenty years ago, and I wonder if he feels obligated to put forth more controversial theories. His discussion on T Rex seems loopy at times, leaving out major points about Rex's anatomy or writing them off as inconsequential--he's even done computer modeling and come up with completely different results than anyone else (eg, the speed of a Rex). And he goes to great length to convince the non-scientific community of the validity of this theory and how all scientists believe it. Given that he was the consultant on JP///, I wouldn't doubt if the outcome of the battle was another ego trip for him.

    I have no doubt that Rex often scavenged or chased smaller predators from their kills, and probably preferred these methods to hunting. But how many predators don't?

    I could live with the battle just from that perspective, no matter how wrong it is. It's just a movie, after all. But this was a serious storytelling issue with me. In JP and TLW:JP, the Rex was a anti-hero of sorts. He kills off the Raptors in JP, and the mother Rex's search for her baby is the climax of TLW:JP. But in JP///, he's tossed aside like an festering bowl of dog snot--and far too early in the film, I might add--only to prove how big and bad the Spinosaur is. . . and to top it off, the Spinosaur subplot fizzles out long before the climax. If the movie were true to the only Jurassic Park films that are worthy of the name, there would have at least been a Spinosaur/Raptor finale.
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    the final thing is that raptors are smater than dolphins and primates. that means they are about the same as us. the reason the spino stood there is because he had a plan. he was going to sneek up and probably just chomp on them if they hadn't heard the phone. he had to be pretty smart to make them think he was giving up and then crash through the gate. no question about that.
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    I like them there pretty good, except JP2 is ok not the best!!!!
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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    ...besides, I'm just as informed as they are on the subject, having read basically every dinosaur book there is.
    Would you mind listing all of these books and their author?
    I'd be interested in reading up on some of this information.
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    Originally posted by billfremore

    Would you mind listing all of these books and their author?
    I'd be interested in reading up on some of this information.
    Just wanted to restate that.

    Anywho, I like the idea, but really didn't care for the movies.

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    Sorry to be off topic but because of your location line, I've gotta ask if you've ever seen that SNL skit regarding the Nerf Crotch Bat. Hilarious.

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    dont like jp films for some reason
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    Ooh the nerf crotch bat, that sounds like it'd work better than a bat to the head.

    Thanks Wedge.

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    Well, since Jeff Goldblume is a human wasteland.....

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    Jeff Goldblume: "Yes, uh huh, the letter 2 my friend."

    Alex Trebeck: "2 is of course, a number"

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