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Well, since Jeff Goldblume is a human wasteland.....

Alex Trebeck: "You wrote the number 2?"

Jeff Goldblume: "Yes, uh huh, the letter 2 my friend."

Alex Trebeck: "2 is of course, a number"

Jeff Goldblume: "I cant read or write......"
jeff goldblum seems to be doing tai chi...

anyway... yes, i like all the jp movies. i just love dinosaurs. i think they did them so cool in all the movies. i also like how the plot of #3 makes fun of #1. i also like how much #2 focuses on ian, and how in 3, grant make a comment about how he wasn't involved in the "incident in san diego" hah!

as i have said before, if i hadn't of gone to art school, i would've considered being a paleontologist.