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    Originally posted by Capitan_Moroni
    Well, since Jeff Goldblume is a human wasteland.....

    Alex Trebeck: "You wrote the number 2?"

    Jeff Goldblume: "Yes, uh huh, the letter 2 my friend."

    Alex Trebeck: "2 is of course, a number"

    Jeff Goldblume: "I cant read or write......"
    jeff goldblum seems to be doing tai chi...

    anyway... yes, i like all the jp movies. i just love dinosaurs. i think they did them so cool in all the movies. i also like how the plot of #3 makes fun of #1. i also like how much #2 focuses on ian, and how in 3, grant make a comment about how he wasn't involved in the "incident in san diego" hah!

    as i have said before, if i hadn't of gone to art school, i would've considered being a paleontologist.
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    I love Jurassic Park, The Lost World goes waaaaaaay over the top, and Jurassic Park III is great although they could have given it a proper name, it seems out of place.
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    Question is there will there be a Jurassic Park 4?

    I heard it was on it's way,any info will be nice.
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    There is one in the works. Spielberg will return to the director's chair and is trying to convince Chrichton to write another book.

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    I hope there isn't although I love the movies and I thought that no 3 was way better than The Lost World, but I just think they are in danger of taking them too far, and the brilliance of the first one would be for nothing!
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    The second one was good, but a little bit farfetched in places. "Hey, watch me kick a dinosaur while doing aerobics!" The third one was too short and kind of strange. At least III had the main guy and gal of I. IV would be interesting . . .
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    STOP while the stopping is good!!!!

    HOLY CHRIST!!!!!!

    I think if you make two bad sequels in a row, you should be legally required to stop making them!!!!

    2 and 3 sucked so bad, that they went full circle, stopped sucking, and then started sucking all over again!!!

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    Is there?
    Will there?
    Only time will tell, let's hope not for QLD's sake . . .

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    The raptors seem to get smarter in every movie. What will they be doing for #4, flying low-level bombing missions in F-117s?
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    The raptors seem to get smarter in every movie. What will they be doing for #4, flying low-level bombing missions in F-117s?
    That be well to see.

    I'm just Glad Spilberg is back to do this one.
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