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    He'll probably only produce this one, just like he produced the last one. Spielburg doesn't direct much anymore, unless it's somthing close to his heart.

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    I thought Jurrasic Park 2 was so bad, I didn't bother to see the third movie. I lump JP2 into a pile with many other movies from the 1990's that spent lots of money on CGI and very little in writing.

    Ok, in JP2, I did find the T-Rex chasing the Japanese tourists (a la Godzilla) funny.
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    I liked number 2 , I say it in the theater, but I was like 14 yearrs old. If it was well done and orginal like the first one then it would be awsome.
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    there is alot of possibilitys for a 4th...since the damn pterodactlys escaped. it should be something along that line, if not, they go back to the first island for some reason, and get into trouble with some new/old dino...
    this goes in the other movie section, i belive...dar' argol??
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    Not only do the Raptors get smarter, thier head keep changing shape aswell, and in JP3, they where blue with feathers on thier heads.

    If they do make a 4th I hope they give it a name, because we've got Jurrasic Park, The Lost World and then Jurrasic Park III, they didn't go over board on the name there did they! Actually they did plan to call it The Breakout or The Extinction, why did they no go with these in the end?
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    The reason raptors keep changing shape is because between the movies, paleontologists find more complete skeletons and have a better idea of what they looked like.
    One thing I always wondered was the boat that crashed at the end of TLW. The rex was caged but all the crew was dead, mutilated. Rumor has it there were raptors on board that escaped into the city!

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    I know that was why they keep changing, I was just joking
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    I wouldn't mind it if they made a 4th, I just hope they don't go too far with it. I thought the 1st one was cool but the sequels are crap! I think if they do a 4th it should be back on the 1st island (I know the dinos are dead on that island but they could think of some why to bring 'em back). I don't like the Site B island and there isn't really anywhere else on it to explore. I hope 4 will be the end though, and I also hope it will be the original people back again for one last bite (Ian, Alan, Elle, Tim, Lex, John, etc.).

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    i think deadeye said a while back that there would be 6 of them total....i think...
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    SIX?!?! I think that's going too far! I'd still watch them all, but they'd be CRAP!!!

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    "There's a gentleness about a total Star Wars geek that is sublime."- Rick McCallum
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