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    Yeah...they probably will all be crap. Apparently Spielberg has some ideas for the series that have yet to see light.

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    I think that John Hammond died in the second one, but I'm not to sure of that. In the Jurassic Park 1 book Hammond dies, but he could still be sick.
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    Jurassic Park is sort of a Brand Name, y'know? As long as they do decent Box Office, they'll crank out more.

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    Hammond didn't die in the second one.

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    i like hamond....but why hasn't dar argol or any other omd moved this to the "others" movie section? i think i will go watch all 3 again....just for the hell of it....
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    OK everyone, make sure you have all of you belonings, as things tend to shuffle in a move
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    Maybe if the next films focused on the dinosaurs actually getting off the island and taking over South America. That would be pretty cool.
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    They should make it like Gremlins 2, and have the Raptors drink genetic material and mutate. I can see it now, one of them gains the abilty to talk, with Tony Randel supplying the voice.

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    They ought to make one where humans actually fight the dinosaurs. Like, with weapons. At the end of JP3 I was so expecting the Marines to be gunning down raptors.

    And in the first book, Hammond was a real jerk and was eaten by compys at the end.

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    JP III brought magic back to the series. I can't wait for IV, as long as it's good as III or I.
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