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    Smile Jurassic Park... the thread!!!

    Hay i got the new Jurassic park lll dvd,it's very cool but very short. Anyway two questions does it have any eastereggs on it?also is there going to be a 4th moive thanx
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    JP3 made a lot of money, so number 4 shouldn't be far behind.

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    If they make a part 4 I swear I will kill myself. Part 3 was probably the biggest disappointment of the summer for me. The first was great and the second was ok and the 3rd should have been a made for tv movie or not made at all.

    If I remember correctly some one on these forums said to buy the first two and wait for the third to come on on tv or something.

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    Thats because Steven didn't direct the 3rd moive,hopefuly he will for the 4th.
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    hopefully the fourth film will star michael cain, and will be about the son of the original t-rex who's out for revenge. wait, that was jaws 4, what was i thinking.

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    Originally posted by derek
    hopefully the fourth film will star michael cain, and will be about the son of the original t-rex who's out for revenge. wait, that was jaws 4, what was i thinking.

    Wow good one i was just thinking maby some iceage dinos, but Michael cain Jeez i may have to settel for the bronze.
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    I've heard the 3rd film described as "a great B movie, a bad A movie." I thought it was pretty light plot-wise, but the dinosaurs were still cool.

    I think they should do a 4th one, to wrap up the series. Have Steven direct it, and have it be about that InGen company. About mysterious experiments they were doing, and the park was just a cover. You can have military guys, a couple of returning cast members, stuff like that.
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    The problem with the third movie is that the villian in the first two films was man and his desire to control everything and wreak havoc with the natural order. The third filmed boils down to: "AHHHHH!!! DINOSAURS!! RUN!!!" which is pretty weak. It turned the dinos into one dimensional movie monsters. And that 'call in the marines' ending was ludicrous. The real problem with the film is that there is no sense of wonder and awe when you see the dinos anymore. that was the coolest thing about the first movie, seeing that Brontosaurus and hearing Willimas' score swell. i felt like a 7 year old again... Now I feel old...
    Steve won't direct anymore. Joe johnston gets to direct the next one, and if he hasn't driven the franchise into the ground, then they should get somebody new (like me!) to do the 5th. The two kids will be the stars of the next one. Tee hee.

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    There WILL be a 4th. If you listen to the commentary by the F/X crew, when the pterodactyls are flying away, they say "we will find out what happens to them!" And so basically they're saying a 4th is planned.

    Jurassic Park III itself is, well... hard to describe. Definitely needed Malcolm again, I mean Grant knew it was site B and he must've known Malcolm had gone there before the San Diego incident, you'd think that he'd presaude Malcolm to join him. Not too mention the fact that with that there are alot of goofs and plots holes and such... Like ok, after the whole San Diego incident, don't you think they'd be patrolling the island and keeping non-authorized people away from it? Jurassic Park III is a good comedy and time passer but the only way this film would've been good especially since Lost World didn't need a sequel in the first place would of been if Steven directed it. We didn't even get to see body parts ripped off...

    Here's a plot hole: If Grant had NO idea what the raptors looked like before going to the island, shouldn't the raptor he saw in his nightmare on the plane been one from the 1st movie?

    Ok, the whole marine thing, it was rather campy and just plain dull... Since when do they issue limo driver impersonators for standing alone on an island of dinosaurs with a bullhorn?

    A boat full of people who had the upper hand couldn't stop a T-rex that was trapped below... and 4 amphibians were supposed to stand up to Spinosaurases? Like I said, it's an ok comdey and time-passer, but this is in no way what a threequel to a GOOD movie series should've been like. They had a lot of nerve just making Grant be a sell-out like that. Ya know? Ok theres my movie review.
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