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    BTW, I think it's John, not Jack :o)

    Hi EL Chuxter.

    Nice point about Horner (and everyone else that mentioned him), I can't see many of my 'colleagues' in the UK even knowing who JH is, let alone Edwin Dobb and Bob Bakker (apologies of course to anyone in the UK who I offended above)

    Having said that, I wonder if anyone here has read his book The Complete T-Rex or if a lot of the opinions come from watching Discovery Channel-type documentaries. The book makes some very compelling arguments for him being an opportunist (as opposed to a scav') and I must say I kinda agree

    I think it is a shame the T-Rex is demystified in this way, but it may be true, just look at the early pics of the Iguanadon with his thumb on his head

    I also thought the film was crap, but like the above forummer, I enjoyed it because I like Dinos.

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