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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    2. We finally get to see Pterodactyls (not including the shadows of them in JP2, which doesn't follow continuity?)
    we saw Pterodactyls at the end of the 2nd movie you know

    Any ideas as to JP4 if they make it?
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    Everyone keeps saying it would have been better if Ian Malcolm was in it... Jeff Goldblum has been in some bad movies, but I'd bet if he had read that script, he would have burned it and denied ever having seen it. I wouldn't be surprised if Malcolm was in an early version of the script.

    The dinos looked great, but the story is lame.
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    At the very very end of TLW:JP, a pterosaur (I think Pteranodon, but it may have been a Quetzalcoatlus) lands in a tree over the meadow.
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    Who likes the Jurassic Park films?

    Also which sequel do you like best JP3 or TLW:JP?

    I liked JP3 the best. Joe Johnston is da man!

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    I like them!

    I prefer JPIII over LW too. The fact that its just them being chased by Dinosaurs on the island, and that's it. Like a good 60's dino flick.
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    Jurassic Park was Great.

    Lost World wasn't as great but at least it was a sequel that stayed in touch with the first and it was actually really good, especially the Raptors in the field.

    Jurassic Park /// was kinda boring, bad plot, bad character development, and alot of plot holes. And what was the big deal about Enid, Oklahoma?
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    I saw JP in the theater and thought it was pretty cool, but I never bothered with LW or JP /// (I like the way you typed that Basker ). I think there was a thread here when JP 3 came out, I was really scared off by some of the reviews.

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    I prefer the first two movies over the third - I think it's kinda lame suddenly saying the spinosaurus is stronger than the T-rex - just a sign the t-rex didn't do it anymore to get the people to the cinema so they had to put something new to it

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    Jurrasic Park was fabulous. I still get giddy when they see the brachiosaurus for the first time and William's score swells up. I love that scene.

    Lost World was corny rehash with atrocious plotlines and dialogue. I liked Pete Postlethwaite and I liked Vince Vaughn's ad lib: "The Five deaths...he says..." he rolls his eyes and shakes his head. that cracks me up every time.

    JP /// took the idea of the first to movies (the evil of man and the morality of genetic engineering. Science v. nature) and threw them out the window in favor of a "ARRRGGHH!! Movie monsters! Run!!!" story. And the marines at the end? Ugh. Cheese.

    Everybody ready for JP 4?


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