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    Re: Jurassic Park IV script review.

    Those movies are just plain crap. The dinos were awesome to look at but the story lines were garbage. The third one was on TV last night. "Oh look, they're working as a team." "Oh look, the raptors set a trap." Let's dig through crap to find a cell phone." I dug through a lot of crap trying to find a decnt movie in there somewhere but guess what? Nothing but crap. I'd see the 4th one though cause I've always loved dinos.
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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion


    David Boreanaz to be in JPIV?

    Jurassic Park IV
    Looks like the interview with David Boreanaz the other day which mentioned he was in a big movie with 'Four' in it isn't "Fantastic Four" or Indy IV but the next "Jurassic Park". Casting is about to happen on the project and people who've put feelers out have apparently been told Boreanaz will have the lead role.

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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    The stuff with looking for the can of cream sounds decent, but how do they know abou the can anyways?

    The stuff with the trained dinos is such a load of bollocks, I think I might hang Spielberg if he makes this movie, then hang myself if I actually go and watch it!

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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    "The stuff with looking for the can of cream sounds decent, but how do they know abou the can anyways?"

    There's also the 36 hours of coolant thing.
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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    i don't care what you guys say, i always have and always will love the JP movies. fourth one sounds pretty cool at the moment.
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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    I just want Dr. Malcolm back in the franchise...what's Goldblum doing anyway?
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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    They're actually gonna make a JP IV? Don't people learn that the dinosaurs are gonna eat you alive? I'll be honest, I didn't mind any of the 3 JP movies so far so I may go and see this one but the plots have to be getting quite thin.
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    Re: "Jurassic Park IV"- discussion

    Do they have a name for it yet BD? Even a working name?
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