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    Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    Hasbro's site updating with a new toy catalog for download and you can kind of see the Wookiee Flyer (helicopter) and a re-release of the 2003 Clone Trooper 3-pack with new ROTS helmets. I can't really tell what the Flyer looks like, but I can see the clones just fine. Oh joy, good thing they didn't give us super articulated versions, we'd all hate that.
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    Nice looking. I like it
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    The Copter looks pretty good. I agree about the pre-posed Clone troopers. Kinda made me nostalgic for good old platic army men for about five seconds the last time around, but I think I'll just load up on S/A Clonies this time.

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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    I'll pass on the Wookie Flyer but the Clone 3-Pack looks awesome!! I'll be getting several of those for sure!
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    I don't like the Wookiee copter al all. I'll still get one, but I'm after the clones much more. Poorly articulated or not. I just hope the pricepoint for the 3-pack isn't ridiculously high.
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    I'm luke warm on the both. On the clones like Sal said it depends on price points. If it only costs me 1-3 dollars more to get SA clones that what I will do. Of course if they do the multi color packs again then I will probably end up with enough clones via the 3 packs for most of my needs.
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    Now that I have the Wookiee flyer and finally opened it, I really like this vehicle.

    You get a lot when compared to the other $14 "vehicles:" Boga, BARC Speeder, and ATRT.

    The Wookiee Flyer is by far the superior over those other 3.

    I like making mine fly circles around my droid army, taking a shot with the missle launcher here and there....

    I'm also glad I saved this one to open later. It feels cool getting a new vehicle again - something that's been rare in coming since I got most of my vehicles even earlier than April 2nd - and the ARC 170 was a huge deal then (and now).

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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    Isn't the wookie in that thing friggin' Ginormous?

    Saw it a week or two ago and it looked like it.
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    Re: Wookiee Flyer and Clone 3-pack

    The clone pack is what Im lookin at, it looks pretty good


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