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    Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    I recently came by this bit of news from the collector network regarding a new companion action figure line in the Marvel Legends scale:

    Toy Biz Comic Character Development Director Stephanie Thread announced Thursday that the success of the Marvel Legends line has prompted the creation of an addional line that spotlights less familiar Marvel characters. Marvel Obscurities will be the title of the companion line and will consist of figures in the same scale as the Marvel Legends parent line. All figures will feature at least 18 points of articulation and will be accompanied by a reprint of the comic in which the character in question is prominatly featured.

    "We have received a lot of possitive feedback from fans and collectors to the Marvel Legends line", said Ms. Thread, "as well as repeated requests for figures of characters that are considered unmarketable." Noting the success of competitor DC Direct's figure lines that often include characters only known to hardcore fans, Toy Biz has made arrangments for direct market only distribution of Marvel Obscurities through Baltimore, MD based Diamond Comic Distributors. "We are of course thrilled to further cement our relationship with Marvel Comics and Toy Biz through this exclusive arrangement. Marvel Obscurities is a perfect fit for Diamond", said Diamond's Executive Vice President of Exculisivity Mark Wurzmaan. The Marvel Comics owned toy giant felt that traditional retail outlets would be unwilling to carry a line based on unfamiliar characters, so the deal was struck with Diamond to best bring these toys to their core audience.

    Toy Biz has officially anounced the character line-up for the first assortment which will be offered to comic and speciality retailers in Diamond's June Previews catalog and will be in stores in late July, 2005. The first assortment will include:

    Leap Frog

    These characters come with an added bonus. Each of the figures in this line will be packed with one part of a sixth Marvel Obscurities figure, the Daredevil foe Stiltman! Fully assembled this figure will stand over 18" in height on his stilt-like legs. Collect all five figures to complete the bonus figure, much like with the recently released Marvel Legends Series 9 and Series 10 which allowed collectors to build their own Sentinel and Galactus figure.
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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    Ha Ha!! April Fools!!!!!!

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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    Ha Ha!! April Fools!!!!!!
    Indeed! It would be cool though.
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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    Man, I was hoping I might finally get me a super-articulated Sleepwalker figure.
    That's my jacket!

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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    yeah... you could set him right next to Darkhawk and Night Thrasher

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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    speedball! Speedball! Speedball! Speedball!

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    Re: Marvel Legends Companion Line Forthcoming

    I'm sorry, but this list

    Leap Frog
    was what tipped me off even more than the date at the bottom of the screen. How many hours and volumes of Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe did you pore through to find those 5? Seriously, What was wave 2 gonna be?

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