Well, it has been a tiring night, but it was fun. I started out @ WM and was able to pick up figures 1-32 minus Padme. I could not find a Red Royal Guard, but a couple of people did. Scored all 4 of the deluxe figures. Also, I picked up the BARC Speeder & Boga. I saw several people with 12" figures, but there were none left on the shelf when I got back to the action figures line (but I didn't want them, so that was okay). I did see all of the Unleashed figures on the shelves, but they did sell out before I left. Didn't pay much attention to LEGOs, Force Battlers, Galactic Heroes, etc. After searching through several cases that were brought out and unable to find the last 2 figures, I checked out and headed over to TRU. Once there, I saw several people that were over @ WM had also came over to check out the selection. I managed to pick up Padme, which they had several of, but no Red Royal Guards. I also managed to pick up ARC-170 Fighter, AT-RT, Droid Tri-Fighter, Grievous Wheel Bike, & Ob-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter. I talked to one of the employee's that said that they only received 12 Holo Yodas. I decided to check out Target and see if anyone was waiting yet, but there wasn't (this was approximately 1am). I decided to come home and my friend said that she would go to Target and wait in line. She went to Nitro WM and was unable to find a Red Royal Guard. She then went back to Southridge WM and looked to see if they had restocked anything, but they didn't. She then went over to Target and waited. She was able to get a Darth Vader (lava) and used that $1.00 off coupon to get figures 1-24. She told me that they were limiting to 1 per figure.

Also, to anyone in WV that is interested, she talked to the managers @ Nitro and Southridge WM's and they both said that they did not get the early bird exclusives and also they both said that no WM's in WV would get them. So if you want them, go to walmart.com. I purchased mine there when I found out and it cost $ 29.88 + $ 5.74 shipping + $ 2.13 tax. Also, amazon.com has the Yoda for $9.99, but I was told that the TRU @ Southridge will have them for the promo on 4/10. They will be free with a $25 purchase.

Anyone else find anything in the 3 line that I did not mention?