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    The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    Dude! This ship is so cool it needs a thread of its own.

    I think this is one of the highlights of April 2nd out of all the stuff we bought and Hasbro has outdone themselves with a sweet Clone Fighter here.

    For those of us who bought it - we have to have a thread to discuss it!

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    Yes it does, Ive only bought 1 but im geting 2 more and 2 gunships.

    I love the handle. You can be siting there and then you have that suden urge to atack your cat with it and BAM big killer ship in your grasps ROFL.

    The only minus is that i need more R4-G9's and pilots. These are going to be incredably hard for me to find because I couldnt go to MM or Any stores in the morn because of my sick grandma :/

    To finish my fleet I still need

    2x ARC's
    3x R4G9's
    9x Pilots

    My army:
    18x regular clones
    10x commanders
    4x pilots
    4x backeracks clones (i know thats not right)
    4x ATTE tank gunner
    2x ATRT's
    2x Gunships
    10x clone 3 packs
    All jedi

    See this is what I get for not going to MM

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    Sorta shows you how lame the Naboo N-1 is. I haven't bought a prequel vehicle since episode I, but ARC-170 shall definitely be mine, eventually.
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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    I have this vehicle opened. All I can say is AWESOME. Now all I need are some pilots and a droid.

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    It's very big. That's giving me pause for concern:

    I like my "hang-em up fleet battles" to not totally surpass one another. The ARC 170 (and I bought 3 - which is possibly a mistake) outshines most toys:


    3 N-1 Fighters, with a 4th (Anakin's) sidewinding into the fray


    5 sets of Trade Federation Droid Fighter teams (15 fighters total!)


    AOTC: n/a (ground and surface battle for Geonosis)



    1 Luke Skywalker X-wing

    pursued by

    2 TIE Fighters on either side of 1 Darth Vader TIE Fighter

    (in my opinoion, it decreases the drama if you give Luke back his wingmates (Biggs and Wedge), so I opted not to display it that way on purpose).



    Millennium Falcon

    Escorted by

    3 Twin Pod Cloud Cars (one day... I'm holding out for Hasbro for 2 more years before I buy the vintage).

    I could have done the Falcon pursued by 4 TIE Fighters and made astreroids to hang from paper mache. This does tempt me now and then, but my Cloud City display wouldn't be complete without the Falcon.



    Millennium Falcon escaping Coruscant

    escorted by Wedge's X-wing

    Dash Rendar's Outrider

    dodging Vintage Rebel Transport in space lanes


    Boba Fett's Slave-One

    Which is also being monitored by (vintage) Darth Vader's TIE Fighter

    I took some liberties in recreating this scene slightly out of context (Slave-One did not go to Coruscant that we know of during Shadows of the Empire).


    Return of the Jedi

    2 X-wings
    1 Y-wing
    1 B-wing
    1 A-wing


    2 TIE Interceptors
    4 TIE Fighters

    The (space) Battle of Endor is supposed to be the grand finale. I could add a vintage Rebel Transport, another Falcon, or more ships if I'm inclined to buy them (don't have them currently), but isn't simple supposed to be sweet?



    3 ARC 170's (that are pretty big!)
    1 Anakin Starfighter
    1 Obi-Wan Starfighter


    1 Droid Tri-Fighters
    5 vulture droid fighters (when they are released)
    pursued by 2 more Droid Tri-Fighters

    CONCERN: with essentially 3 huge "flying fortresses" with the ARC 170's, does it make the Confederacy stuff look like it's no threat at all? Our heroes are supposed to be in danger, not winning by superior firepower.

    I've only opened 1 ARC Fighter. Should I take 2 back?

    Should I buy 2 more Droid Tri-Fighters to make things more desperate? (financially as well as in my display )

    Should this scene even come close to surpassing the importance of the one in ROTJ? They were trying to destroy a Death Star then.

    The ARC 170's main display problem is it's too powerful. What are your thoughts about bringing balance to this Force?

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    I haven't seen any ARC fighters left. I suggest you sell it on ebay or trade it here in case anyone needs one before returning it.
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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    Right now I'm at the point where I'm thinking "who cares how much it'll outshadow the OT, I'll buy 2 more Tri-Droid Fighters (for a total of 5) and fill in the space with the vulcher fighters and make the whole display as awesome as possible.

    I may be able to get a clearanced Falcon from a local retailer, pick up an OTC Lando that I never got before, and augment my ROTJ display to make it better. Perhaps a Rebel Transport will come up again.

    Meanwhile, on Amazon or wherever, I can still get more TIE Fighters...

    Why do I think bigger is better?

    I just found a way to spend another $115 or more (mostly on old stuff I could have bought last summer!....

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    Ill buy one of those ARC's of you so you can make some money, and if you see any more pilots (that yyou dont nneed) I will buy those too

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    It is very nice. I did not find this at Wal Marts. I only seen these at Targets. It is big like the the Power F/X X-Wing that came out in 1997.

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    Re: The ARC 170 Fighter Fan Club Thread

    This thing is the Spruce Goose of toy SW ships. I was floored by the size of the box. There's no subtle way to walk past a group of attractive women with this thing under your arm, Lord knows I tried.

    It's, IMO, the best value in the ROTS line. $30? Considering that the Smaller ships are $20 it's a steal. The Gunship is retailing for $30 too, which I believe is cheaper than either AOTC or CW (I seem to remember $39.99 for AOTC, but I could be wrong). I just don't care for the new paint app on this new one, so I skipped (Though it's sold out already a couple of places).

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