I waited at Target for their exculsive Vader figure hoping to see something differnet, I don't know, but was disappointed it was a repaint a five year old would have done. I bought it anyway, NO I WON'T SELL IT!! I took it out on some of the unsuspecting fellow "collectors" (hoarders) that most of the ROTS figures were repaints and remolds. To one dude who almost fistfought me when I showed him that the speeder bike Clone trooper was a bad Biker Scout repaint, the Clone Pilot was the same one from the ones offered as the "saga" series and yet another Clone whatever was a reapainted AT-AT driver. He concurred but bought them anyway( almost worked). I wasn't disappointed but I mostly bought the ships and some GI Joes to be repainted ( the ninja from the DVD pack looks Mace especially carefully painted like mine) instead of buying the same Obi-Wan (Rockette kick) C-3PO(..who now has his full armor..) and Chewie ( Wookie Rage please...). The Animated General Greivous is better then the "real" one as well as Ventress. I went to the hobby shop, got my ebay Vaders (some fake others damaged) and repainted them the same way.