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Thread: NJ Finds

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    Rockaway TRU 6/17 4pm

    Not much at all. I did however pick up a delux Mace and Jango's ship using the Target discount flyer. Found a Nexu at another store the other day, but it was the last one. Hopefully they will start to show up in other places now.

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    Rockaway TRU 6/19 9:30am
    They must have about 200+ Saga figures, but there are only about 8 different ones. What a waste of time.

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    anyone see the alien bounty hunter around? how about endor han and bespin chewie?

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    Originally posted by SNAYSON
    anyone see the alien bounty hunter around? how about endor han and bespin chewie?
    Not in northern NJ.

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    new figs

    I found the Starfighter pilot Obi-Wan at Kaybee in Freehold, I think he is shipping with Han and Chewie, but there was no sign of anything else. At the Wal-Mart in Brick I found Orn Free Ta, Endor Soldier, Qui-Gon Jinn and the deluxe Anakin and Nexu. I think I just got lucky.

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    Budd Lake Wal-mart 6/21 9am
    They had 2 Tie Bombers.

    Rockaway TRU 6/21 9:30am

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    SHOPRITE!!! lincoln park.......orn fee ta, massif, endor rebel, dooku.
    althought there was only 1 of was just weird finding them in shoprite.

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    Off RT9

    Old Bridge Walmart
    Nothing new!

    Manalapan Target
    Nexu and Anakin Deluxe figs at the sale price of $7.49 each!
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    Is there anywhere in South Jersey to buy SW figures. I'm going to be in AC this weekend and wanted to hunt down some figures.

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    That's for me to know...and for you to find out.
    I need a dooku,yoda, and possibly a deluxe anakin. where the hell in central new jersey(east brunswick, manalapan) can I get these?
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