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Thread: NJ Finds

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    anyone find han endor or chewie bespin in the northern NJ area? if so, where? need those two plus palpatine, dajas phur and star fighter obi wan!

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    Mansfield Wal-mart 6/26 6pm
    Tons of the Bespin wave also a few Nexus, one Deluxe Anakins, and about 3 Acklays. Get there fast!

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    6/26 6:30 - 9 pm
    livingston TRU & KB had the han/chewie/obiwan/dhas phur/palpatine/orn free wave
    rockaway KB had the han/chewie/obiwan/dhas phur/endor solider/massif/palpatine/orn fre wave

    whoever doesn't have it, go now!!!!

    If the massif and endor soilders are still there on 6/27, i'm buying them all for my scene!!! I'm giving the other collectors a chance here!!!!!! go now!!!!!!

    ps - times square TRU has now added jar jar senator in there $1.90 bin. picked up a few more super battle droids

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    K-Mart Rt. 36 Long Branch

    Just scored an Endor Soldier, Chancellor Palpatine, and Djas Puhr at the K-Mart on Rt.36 in Long Branch on my way to work (11:00 am.) There were still one of each on the shelves, as well as a few Nexus, and Deluxe Anakins. 12" Ultimate Jango was also there for those interested. The figures are actually right before the food aisles, in the Feature Food section. You would never look there for SW figs, but that's where they are. The Deluxe were also in the toy aisles. Hope this helps someone out there!!!

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    Parsippany TRU 6/27 about 5pm

    Nothing new at all. The pegs are seriously stuffed. It looks like the ones in front are going to fall off, the bins are pretty full too.
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    Rockaway TRU 6/27 6:30pm
    A few Dookus

    Rockaway KB 6/27 6:30pm
    Quite a few endor solider and orn fre.

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    6/27 9 pm

    rockaway KB

    2 bloody stump lukes! got one for collectablity sake.

    ok outta here.

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    Mansfield Wal-mart 7/2 8pm
    A LOT of stuff, but nothing that isn't every where else.

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    Budd Lake Wal-mart 7/3 9am
    Same old. Seems as though the Nexu is pretty common in Wal-marts now.

    Rockaway TRU 7/3 9:30am
    A few Dookus

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    I saw 1 Dooku at the TRU in Hazlet. The K-Mart in Hazlet had Endor trooper, Orn Free Taa and Qui-Gon.



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