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Thread: NJ Finds

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    i can't believe it!!!
    at the KB in rockaway there were obie pilots, chewies, bespin wave, and han
    it was the wierdest thing...luke and vader were peg warmers
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    KB EB Square Mall off Rt18

    Obi-Wan pilot, Han Endor Raid, Chewie , Dooku in abundance last night.
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    Sorry about my last post on this thread. I was going to post a long list of all the 9 different places that I went on Saturday, but while I was doing it I kept having problems with my connection to the internet. Most everything I found would probably be gone by now. Seems as though NJ was flooded with the new waves over the weekend. I also wonder about the rarity of Bloody hand Luke when I find over a dozen of them at Allentown Mall!

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    wal-mart ledgewood

    LOTS of bespin wave and lots of ornfree/endor solo/bespin chewie/massif/endor solider. they look like peg warmers cause there is so much on the pegs today! never saw so many! nexue in stock also.

    i only thing i bought was a few army builders

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    Just found at Wal-Mart

    The Brick Wal-Mart had the Teemto/Ki-Adi wave in stock yesterday. 3 to 4 of each figure. They also had all figures from GR Mace through Djas Pur. I picked up a better looking Endor Solo (His arm actually looks like its in a physically possible position!) Good luck!

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    EB, WoodBridge, Milltown

    The bespin wave (ornfree/endor solo/bespin chewie/massif/endor solider) have shown up in the TRUs and Targets around my home and work areas. Acklays were still absent though. The KB exclusive Clone troopers have started showing up again.
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    WalMart off Rt 1 New Brunswicck

    Lots of Acklays and the usual pegwarmers. AF Falcon, X-Wing and TIE Advanced also sighted.
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    The Bridgewater Target has the new accessories packs. They had Hoth, Endor, Imperial and Jedi Arena.


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    TRU had the X-Wing

    KB in the mall had the exclusive 12" clone troopers
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