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Thread: NJ Finds

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    The new 12" figure have arrived. The Target in Milltown had zam and Super battle Droid.


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    The Midddletown target had 1 of the interactive R2-D2s for 100$.


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    Piscataway WalMart

    All three cantina sets found yesterday.
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    The TRU in Hazlet has the new 12' Luke and Tuan-Taun.


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    The Target in Middletown had the new 12" Zam and Super Droid. they also had a few accesory packs. I bought the only 2 Death Star packs, but there were still several of the Arena Conflict packs.
    And in a related note Reeses Puffs cereal is on sale at Target and the one in Milltown still had a case of the cereal with the Lightsaber pens.


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    Found yesterday

    TRU had the Republic Gunships, 12" Luke and Tauntaun and Amidala unleashed. Lots of X-Wing and landspeeders but no new wave of basic figures.

    KB near Fortunoff had the Teemto, Ki-Adi Mundi wave.
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    The Wal-Mart in Piscataway has the new 12" Zam and Super Droid, but no Dooku.
    The K-Mart in S.Plainfield has the new 12" figures also minus Dooku. The also had the new Electronic Obi-Wan.


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    The Target in edison has the following on clearance:
    Reek - 11.18$
    Jango Unleashed - 11.18$
    Maul " - 11.18$


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    KB Marlboro off Rt 9

    As the store was closing, they were replenishing the shelves with the Padme pilot, Maul EU and Anakin TA.
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    Stopped by the Monmouth Mall before work today, and the KB was well stocked with tons of the newer figures.
    Picked myself up:
    Lott Dodd
    Endor Soldier (Clean Shaven)
    Padme Pilot
    Darth Maul Training
    Anakin Tatooine Attack
    Tusken with Massif
    Clone w/Gun Turret (Yellow markings)
    Jango Fett (Pilot)

    I couldn't remember the last time (excluding midnight madness) when I went to a store and found NINE new figures that I haden't previously seen at retail!!! An excellent start to my day. Anyone who goes there should be able to pick up these (maybe not the Jango, I only saw the one.)

    Good luck to all!
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