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Thread: NJ Finds

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    I saw the new Amidala, Anakin, Maul and Lott Dodd at KB in S.Plainfield. No trooper, beardless soliders or Jango.


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    Angry Phillipsburg Target

    I just came back from the new Target in Phillipsburg. They just opened up yesterday afternoon. The only thing I am looking for is the Target exclusive accesory packs. Of course they were picked clean in less than 24 hours of the store opening, Ugh!

    They had plenty of Gunships , Yoda and C3P0 deluxe figures. Alot of Micromachines too.

    Not much else in terms of new figures.

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    I just got the Beardless Rebel Trooper, Lott Dodd, Pilot Padme, and Pilot Jango Fett at a KB in Paramus. No Ephant Man or Yellow Clone Troopers though.
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    New at TRU in Eatontown

    Just found the latest waves at the TRU in Eatontown. Didn't see Ephont Man, Yellow Clone Trooper, or Jango Pilot. They had limitied supply of Tuskin with Massif, Watto, Lott Dodd, Padme, TA Anakin, Teemto, & Darth Maul. Good Luck.

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    The TRU in Woodbridge has the new Padme, Anakin, Maul, but didn't see any of the other ones.


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    TRU in Rockaway has a bin of Yellow Clone Troopers, Jango Pilots aside from the Regular Display . . . More then enough clones for army building

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    Just got back from the TRU in Eatontown. They had plenty of Yellow Clone Troopers and Jango Fett Pilots to go around. No Ephont Man though. Good Luck!

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    EB & Woodbridge

    Both TRUs had plenty of the Lott Dod wave, no sign of the pilots though! Plenty of gunships and no arena playsets at all!
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    KB, TRU, Walmart, Target in Hamilton, NJ (Atlantic City)

    I'm going to school in Pomona, NJ, at Stockton.

    At the KB at Hamilton Mall, for the past couple weeks, they have occasionally gotten some of the newer wave in, but mostly it's a lot of the old stuff. Plenty of Obi Wan/Jedi Starfighter.

    The TRU across the street from the mall - has plenty of the new wave. Lots of Darth Maul, a handful of Yoda's, some Teemto, a few Watto, and less of the Geonosian w/Massiff, but a few Tuskens with Massiff. Lots of the new Padme, and I imagine they'll get a new shipment of Clone Pilots soon. I got mine a few weeks ago, and they had lots of them. Lott Dodd, I've seen one of him, and I picked that up.
    There are at least two Gunships on the shelf out front.
    Plenty of 12 inch, but no Zuckuss or Dengar.
    And there was a stack of about 6 of the Luke with Tauntaun 12 inch.
    And a few of the Luke w/landspeeder.

    Then the Walmart next door-
    There hasn't been much new over the last month. I'm looking forward to getting the new cantina sets though. The only noteworthy thing they have is a bunch of Acklays, but they aren't with the rest of the stuff, they're behind the display, above the isle behind the other star wars stuff.

    Lastly, the Target in the plaza nearby.
    This place hasn't gotten a shipment for weeks.
    But they are selling basic figures for 2.99, and last I checked, it was a lot of Jar Jars and Niktos. 2 Royal Guards.
    When they get shipments in (which has been about a month) they do get good deluxe figures. I've seen a few of the accessory sets there, and I got a Flying Geonosian from there.

    More updates as I find things here and in Eatontown on weekends.

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    Target, Middletown

    As of around 1:30 this afternoon-
    At least two or three Flying Geonosians.
    Plenty of the Action Fleet exclusives.
    Maybe 5 Gunships.
    I picked up the last Clone Trooper deluxe
    At least one of each of the accessory set exclusives.


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