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Thread: NJ Finds

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    i guess its off to EB for me in the morning, luckily its only 7 miles away!!

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    Found the Imperial Forces At the Rockaway TRU last night, quite a few of them were there.

    Not sure how I feel about a bunch of reissues however, The AT-ST driver is nice though and I'm a sucker for the repaint on the droid. I'm going to have to think about if I want to spend the $20 on it however. and I wonder if the only reason I'm even thinking about it is because I haven't really come across any of the other new figures.

    And as an aside I think that Hasbro/TRU Could have gotten a lot better assortment together. . .Imagine a Royal Starship Repair droid set, four R2 Units different colors; maybe a reissue of R2-B1 a figure that was pretty hard to find . . oh wait hardly anybody bought the Starship and that would require Hasbro using at least a couple of different colors rather then an all black repaint of a droid. . I guess a guy could dream

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    i went to TRU on sunday and felt the same way. 20.00 was a little much for the set. I think i will gamble and wait a few months and try to get it for 10.00 or less. I was able to score the anniversary issue 2 packs for 5 dollars a piece instead of the 20.00 they were originally going for when first released

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    I stopped in at the Old Bridge Wal-Mart on Tuesday night and found the new MOTU figures of Buzz off and Man E Faces. I stopped by again today and found a few of the new SW figures. Thety had 1 each of the following: Throne room Vader, Throne room Luke, Tatooine Ambush C-3PO, Kamino Escape Jango, Hoth Han and Mynock Chewie.


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    Found a bunch of the Endor accessory sets at the Target in Somerset. Pretty cool accessorys and also the Biker Scout thats always been a tuff to get a hold of. Nothing from either of the last two waves though as far as single figures. The same Peg warmers that have been on the shelves for 6+months

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    I picked up the 12 inch Guard at the KB in the Livingston Mall, up by Morristown. It's not too bad...very detailed, standard articulation for a 12 incher. Excellent for display purposes. If this has shown up here, I think most of the KBs in Jersey have got it now.

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    No new figs anywhere down here in middlesex county. Was at Brunswick Square mall monday to preorder Galaxies. Stopped in at KB. Nothing new there and no Gammorean Guards!

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    Another find - TRU in Eatontown. After about 6 months of no new figures there, save the Imperial Forces pack and 12 inchers, they had some of these new Clone Wars packs. I picked up the 3 Clones and the Destroyer Droid Launcher, but left a few behind, as well as the 3 pack of droids.
    I know this isn't the place for a review, but I warn everyone - the Clones have very little articulation. Heads, shoulders, waist. Nothing in the leg area. And the weapons are molded into the hands. The standing Destroyer Droid is made of some pretty cheap plastic, has very limited articulation (including the 3 legs, there are about 5 points.)
    And at Target in Ocean Township...I saw a Red Battle Droid. Package was pretty badly damaged, and I didn't pick it up. But it looks like they got a shipment of this stuff at least!

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    I also picked up 2 of the 3 Clone Wars "Deluxe" sets in the Eatontown TRU. It was the Clone Trooper and Battle Droid three packs for me. That dumb looking Destroyer Droid Launcher can sit and rot on the shelves for all I care. The new packaging is very nice though! Good luck.

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    I stopped by Old Bridge wal-Mart on Tuesday and was able to score 2 cases of the wave 4 figures.



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