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Thread: NJ Finds

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    tonight :

    union TRU on Route 22:
    4 or so 3-3/4 scale jedi starfighter ($25)
    3 or so of every sneak peak figure ($7)
    1 beat up fleet trooper ($7)
    4 or so AT-ST / Paploo Exclusives ($30)

    kenilworth/union walmart on route 22:
    20 or so lego jedi starfighters
    on clearance for $8.00 flat

    good luck


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    the Soth Plainfield Kay-bee had as of 2:30 today a few Bo-Sheks, Teebos, and Rebel Troopers.


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    I saw the Jedi Starfighter last night at the East Brunswick Toys R Us. They appear to have at least 6 or 7. I also saw Zutton, Eeth Koth, F-X7 and Queen Decoy at KB in Bridgewater. The K-Mart in West Orange had preview figures minus Jango.


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    The preview figures are showing up again at Wal-Mart. The one in Piscataway had Clone Troopers while the one in old Bridge had all four.


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    Linden Walmart on Route 1:

    7 jango fett lego sets
    as of 12:30 pm today

    good luck


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    What figures are at the Phillipsburg TRU and Wal Mart/Somerville TRU?

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    Somerville TRU had tons of the FX-7/Queen/Fleet Trooper/Imperial Commander wave but nothing else as of last night. They also haev AT-STs.

    Somerville/Manville Wal-Mart still has plenty of Shmi/Bespin guards/Duros as well as the preview figues (saw a fresh case of previews there yesterday).

    Haven't been out to Phillipsburg in a while.

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    Big K on Rt 18 EB

    Scored on the Lego sets last night. No gunship though and I passed on the Technic sets. Can't miss them since they have a Lego display in the middle of the aisles. No AOTC figs yet.
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    yesterday at 1 pm........

    pallet sized
    4 sided episode 2 lego display
    just outside the toy aisles
    at the k-mart in linden
    on route 1
    all the new lego sets were there minus the gunship

    -tusken encounter (ani, 2 raiders)
    -the speeder 2 pack (ani and zam)
    -slave one (boba and jango)
    -deluxe super battle droid
    -jedi duel (yoda and dooku)

    good luck


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    K-Mart finds

    Hey member....first post,
    I found the 4 E2 deluxe figures (Obi-Wan, Mace, Jango, and Darth Tyranus) along with Slave-1, Jedi Starfighter and the new electronic lightsabers at K-Mart in West Long Branch!! They also had the 3 new MB board games (Stratego, LIFE, and Epic Battles) and some E2 jigsaw puzzles. Its nice to see that some stores have no regard for the street date! No sign of the Legos.


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