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Thread: NJ Finds

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    Picked up a TIE Bomber at Manville/Somerville Wal-Mart this morning. There may be more (how many are in a case?)- look on the top shelves (that's where mine was).

    I left at least 1 snowspeeder.

    No Dookus to be found.

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    Damn!!!! I must have just missed those Exclusives at WalMart Old Bridge, ACPin. I stopped by at like 11, and they had nothing. Oh well, I'll keep looking. What aisle were they in. . .regular action figs, or with the AOTC stuff? I've been checking the WalMart in Howell too, but it is a dump, and I hate even trying that one.
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    I picked up a Tie Bomber yesterday at the Brick Wal-Mart. It was just sitting on the shelf by the POTJ figures. It looked as if it had been hidden previously as it had a fine coating of dust over the whole package. A simple wipe with a damp rag and it's now mint.

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    It seems that the TRU in Eatontown got a new shipment last night. I was told to arrive early Thursday as the usually restock overnight. When I got there at 9:25, I talked to the stock person who gave me the heads-up earlier in the week. He told me that the only thing they received was the 12" Mace Windu (Not Interested!). So I went over to the bins anyway. Lo and behold what did I see but a HD Anakin right up top. A little digging reveiled a few Yodas and my missing Count Dooku. I picked up two easy scores and left the rest for those poor saps who haven't found him yet. Finally, 27/27.

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    Yesterday at the TRU at Cherry Hill they had about 5 of the AT-ST/Speederbike/Ewok pieces at the normal location in the store for action figures.

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    Maybe not the best section for it, but Clearview Theatres just began pre-sale tickets on Monday in NJ. One would never know it though as they have not really advertised it. Even at the Hackettstown theatre where I picked up mine, there was not even a flyer on the door to let people know. I only knew because they have the dates and times of shows listed on their web-site.

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    Just the Facts: 5/9 6:30 pm, Rockaway TRUs
    Same old stuff, I swear that they will never sell off those bins packed full with common figures. However, they did have 4 AT-ST/Speeder bikes and about 12 pegs of figures from the Imperial Officer wave.

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    Just the Facts: 5/9 8:30 PM, Wal-mart Mansfield
    All the normal stuff, except for the fact that they had 2 Taun We figures right in front. I also noticed that I have not been seeing many of the Clone Troopers lately. I guess that all of the individuals trying to build armies are snatching them up.

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    I found a Jango Fett final battle at Target in Somerville today. I believe it was only there because the card was bent. No sign of Mace, Luke or Vader. There were a couple Dookus on the pegs, which is something I haven't seen much of in this area. Apparently Target is getting new assortments though.

    Somerville TRU has deluxe amanaman and leia at $5, and plenty of rebel trooper wave at $5.99. Nothing new E2 wise (though I got Dooku there last week).

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    Just the Facts: 5/11 2:00 PM Wal-Mart
    All the regular stuff except for about 15 each of Taun We, Luminara Unduli, and Royal Guard. They also had one of the new Qui-Gon Jin, which I did not get because they just can not give that character a proper head. I did however pick up the last Ornfree Taa and Massiff. Good luck!


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