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Thread: NJ Finds

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    East Brunswick

    TRU had the reissued R2-Q5 wave, bin full of deluxe Bacta and DM, Vader and Shmi waves. Also found the Obi-Wan snow gear, Qui-Gonn Jedi training, DM EU and Aurra Sing. Lost of 12" dewbacks on the top shelves. It's about time this store got something good!
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    Target Milltown
    12" Bossk, 4-Lom on sale at $14.96
    12" Luke Speederbike at $39.99

    EB TRU
    Lego 2002 Sets (all except DV and Cloud Car)
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    Target in Middletown has the 12" Luke/Speederbike for 27.90$ and the 12" 4-LOM, Death Star comm and Death Star droid for around 10$ each.


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    Hi Jim,
    I upgrade my computer to XP and it wiped out my outlook address book. Can you email me ?


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    Targets with Luke 12"

    Both stores at Menlo park and Milltown have the 12" Luke speederbike at $19.90 each. The lego sets on clearance on both stores are quickly dwindling.
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    The Target in Edison has the 25th ann. final duel set of Darth and Obi. There were roughly 4 of them.


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    found a fx-7 at the TRU in lawrenceville across from the quakerbridge mall on rt 1 - but no black amidala, imp officer, or tantive trooper - go figure

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    FX-7 Wave MOTHERLOAD at Rockaway TRU

    Rockaway TRU had TONS of FX-&, Queen, Imp Officer, Rebel Trooper. All I bought was 4 Rebel Troopers. Still a lot there as of last noght (2/27/02).
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!

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    eeth koth and gang

    Lawrenceville, NJ -- Found a bunch of Royal Decoy Queens, FX-7's, Eeth Koths, and a couple of Imperial Officers. But no Rebel Trooper. I guess it looks like he's proposing or something (without the gun that is) - heheh. Anyway - Happy collecting.

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    Toys R Us in Hazlet had the Eeth Koth wave minus F-X7, Imp. officers and Rebel troopers. This is the first I've seen them.



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