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Thread: NJ Finds

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    Woodbridge Toys R Us had the new wave minus FX-7. They had a ton of the Zutton and Eeth Koth figures, 3 Imp. Officers and 2 Rebel Troopers. East Brunswick TRU did not have any.


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    as of last night at 8:00PM
    Union TRU had 4 imp officers and 1 RFT
    this was after i saw a guy who looked like Stan Lee
    clean the racks of the rest of the officers and god knows what

    good luck


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    Wal-Mart in Old Bridge had 2 of the preview figures, Zam Wessel and the R2 unit.


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    Toys R us in Eatontown and in Hazlet both have the preview figures, but none of Jango or Clone Troopers.


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    BoShrek and Trooper

    lawrenceville, nj - found 2 BoShreks at walmart and 2 rebel troopers and several imp officers at tru

    sadly - no preview figures - only lego jedi starfighers

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    I just bought the last (that I saw) AT-ST at Toys R Us in Woodbridge. They still had several Zuttons and a few Eeth Koths.


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    preview figs

    lawrenceville, nj - found all 4 preview figures - they probably put out a box or two

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    walmart in kenilworth/union
    on route 22
    has about 3 whole pegs last night
    of the teebo wave
    for 4 and change each
    about 8:30 pm

    good luck


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    K-Mart seems to be getting the preview figures. Last night the one in Hazlet had Zam, trooper and R3, but no Jango. The ones in Old Bridge and S.Plainfield had only Zam and R3.


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    Yeterday the K-Mart in Rahway had all the preview figures. I was able to pick up
    a couple of Jangos and left about 6-8 behind. Plenty of troopers too.



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