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Thread: NJ Finds

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    Today (Saturday),
    as of 12pm,
    the Blue Star TRU on Route 22 Westbound
    had about
    4 Bespin Vaders
    4 Jango Final Battle
    4 Mace Rescues

    Good Luck


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    Originally posted by Jonna
    Just the Facts: 5/11 2:00 PM Wal-Mart
    All the regular stuff except for about 15 each of Taun We, Luminara Unduli, and Royal Guard. They also had one of the new Qui-Gon Jin, which I did not get because they just can not give that character a proper head. I did however pick up the last Ornfree Taa and Massiff. Good luck!
    That was the Mansfield Wal-Mart. Sorry I was in a rush the other day.

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    What could make a night of clubing complete except driving around to different stores in search of SW toys the next day. Damn, an I sore. Anyway, I went back to the Mansfield Walmart at 4 PM and they had the same exact figures as the day before. I guess that no one wants the new Qui-Gon Jin.

    I also went to the Budlake Walmart at 5 PM and they had a ton of Clone Troopers along with a few Dexter Jettsters and Geonosian Warriors. It seens as though the Taun We/Royal Guard/Luminara Unduli wave is not that hard to come by anymore as they had many of each figure. One thing that I have noticed though is that I have not seen any Yodas in weeks. What happened!?! During the Midnight Madness deal no one really cared about that figure. Atleast at the Rockaway TRUs where I went.

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    Is there anyone in the Hackettstown to Rockaway area that this is helping? I have not seen anyone else from there posting in the past month.

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    Sorry, forgot to psot but the TRU in parsippany got their shipment of the Bespin wave in, i was there at about 1:30 PM today and saw a Luke, a bunch of Vader's, one taun we, a couple Mace rescues, and a couple FB Jangos in the bins with usual peg warmers. They had some different POTJ figures too: The had a bunch of Ammanmans (SP) and the deluxe Sail Barge Leia along with some more preview figures. The usual pegwarmers were there too.
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    Marlboro KB ToyWorks off RT9

    Found the Falumpaset ($9.99) in euro packaging. No eopie w/ Qui-Gon though. Didn't buy it since I got mine cheaper before at $6.99 each.
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    hey cats,
    i just found this post area, and i normally go to the tru/targets/wm & from wayne/patterson,to rockaway. i actually used to work the rockaway and parsippany. i am in need of qui-gon and those so if anyone knows where they may still be found please let me know

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    Well I was at TRU in parsippany again, around 6:30 PM, and they had nothing new at all. Actually, they had a small box of POTJ figures near the AOTC display with a rebel trooper, Snaggle Tooth, Queen Amidala (Black dress) and a couple Eeth Koths. I only picked up a Vader though. Still looking for a BoShek.
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    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck." - Ben Kenobi

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    Woodbridge TRU, 8PM last night

    Nothing of interest for me....but:
    At least 10 POTJ gungans
    At least 10 POTJ blue senate guards
    And lots of Bespin Guards

    It seems some POTJ army builder cases
    made it late to that store

    Don't forget to price match with the K-mart add
    (Buy one get one 50% off.)

    Good Luck


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    Parsippany TRU 5/13 6:00 PM
    Picked up the last Luke. This figure has the best accesories ever, but I can't get the antena thing to hang for more than a half an hour. I think that I will try two pieces of velcro-tape or something. They did have alot of Vaders, Jangos and Maces. They also had 2 of the Tie fighters. Thanks to MikeAndTheBots for the original post.

    Rockaway TRU 5/13 7:00 PM
    They had a few Jangos and Maces, but that is about it. On a strange note, I actually met another poster of this forum there, who's web name I can't seem to remeber. "Don't be a stranger."

    Budlake Walmart 5/14 9:30 AM
    Same stuff as my prior post from Sunday. I did however pick up a sneak preview Jango. I guess that they are still floating around.

    Good luck all!!!


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