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    Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    "Changes to Darth Vader".

    Initially this figure had me kinda excited. Unfortunatly, like most "Deluxe" figures it fell far short of expectations.

    The premise of this figure is simple enough. An Anakin Skywalker figure that turns into Darth Vader. Kinda like the 12 inch "Ultimate Villian" Darth Vader in 3 3/4 inch form.

    How it works.

    You take your basic Anakin figure and remove his cloak and waist belt/loin cloth thing then pop off his arms where the elbows swivel. This leaves you with an armless Anakin. Then you put Vader's belt/groin armor around his waist. Next you pop his chest armor over his torso. Pop on the shin armor and new "Vader" arms.

    What you are left with is an Anakin head with mostly Darth Vader armor. Now for the final step. Packaged next to Anakin is the familiar Helmet and cloak of Darth Vader. You simply push Anakin's head down into his chest and the Vader Head "locks" in place via a weak clip that is supposed to keep Anakin's spring loaded head down.

    The gimick - Poorly executed. The armor is well sculpted, but the shin armor is bulky when attatched and it makes him feet look small. The arms look OK, but you can still see him brown tunic on the upper arms. The belt/groin armor pretty well hides his brown thighs. The head does not stay on easily, mine kept poping off. Overall - F

    The Sculpt - OK, the sculpt is not bad, but it could be better. Anakin is a bit weaker, his head is fixed and has no artuculation, unless you count pudshing down into his chest as articulation. Vader's armor looks much better. Overall - B-

    In the end this is a cool looking figure, in the package. As a toy it has no real playability and the gimick does not work very well. If you want an Anakin Skywalker figure that transforms into Darth Vader, you will be much better off buying the 12 inch Ultimate Villian.

    I also recommend that if you decide to buy one of these, that you buy the one with the armor displayed on the side of the package, instead of at the bottom, so that you can actually see it. The armor sculpt is pretty good and worth being able to see.

    SK99 says, if you planned on buying one of these to your money and put it towards the 12 inch figure.
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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    Agreed, it's not all that great of a Deluxe Figure. The Anakin that Changes to Vader in Deluxe Series II is much better. But I think Hasbro didn't want to put it out before the movie came out. So instead we get this mediocre EUish one.

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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    The reason I ultimately passed on both this and the 12" version is that the package photos make the finished Vader look woefully out of scale, like a teenager wearing a Vader costume with full-sized helmet. The trailer looked like this too, but not as bad. Is the toy as out of scale as the photo?
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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    I passed on this figure also, because I don't like that Anakin head sculpt. Now, hearing from sk99 how poorly the gimmick works, I'm really glad we skipped it.
    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    The Anakin that Changes to Vader in Deluxe Series II is much better.
    ...and yeah, I'd much rather have that one.

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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    This is actually one of the few figures i have bought so far. I think its kinda cool. Not perfect but the scale is pretty close to my other Vaders. Alos i havent had any problems with the head popping off. I do agree about the feet though. They do look small.

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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    I think if used as a disply piece in its packaging, it ain't too bad. I am excited about the medical table vader coming out soon. If this has window box packaging, it should be awesome!!

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    Re: Deluxe ROTS Anakin!

    I have him on display, wearing all of Vader's stuff other than his cape and cowl. Instead he is wearing POTF2 Vader's cape. So he's kind of like a Alternate Universe "What if Anakin killed Obi-Wan on Mustafar and didn't get all lavaed up" Vader.

    I don't think he's that bad. You can clearly see all the problems in the bubble, so the vigilant collector/kid knows what they are getting into. There are plenty of worse figs in this line, and only a handful better ones IMO.
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