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    List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    I'm posting this thread for any curious people that may be interested in finding out how people will die in Episode III. I've made a list of those Jedi from looking at both the Graphic Novel and the "Making of ROTS" book. Here it is, in order of death:

    Count Dooku: Hands and head cut off by Anakin
    General Grievous: Shot in chest by Obi-Wan
    Saesee Tiin: Decapitated by Palpatine
    Agen Kolar: Palpatine stabs a lightsaber through his head
    Kit Fisto: Also decapitated by Palpatine
    Mace Windu: Arm cut off by Anakin, thrown out a window by Palpatine
    Ki-Adi-Mundi: Shot to death by clone Commander Baccara and his troops on Mygeeto
    Aayla Secura: Shot to death by clone Commander Bly and his troops on Felucia
    Barriss Offee: Shot by an AT-TE's turbo lasers on Felucia
    Luminara Unduli: Shot to death by clone Commander Gree and his troops on Kashyyyk
    Plo Koon: Shot to death by clone troopers on Saleucami
    Jedi Padawan Zett Jukassa: Shot by Clone Troopers outside the Jedi temple, Bail Organa sees this (probably why he screams "NO!!" in the trailer)
    Shaak Ti: Killed by Anakin in a meditation chamber in the Jedi temple
    Stass Allie, Oppo Rancisis, Even Piell, all other Jedi: Unknown as of yet, but they obviously die on other planets or in the Jedi Temple (most likely the latter)
    San Hill: Killed by Anakin on Mustafar
    Passel Argente: Killed by Anakin on Mustafar
    Po Nudo: Killed by Anakin on Mustafar
    Shu Mai: Beheaded by Anakin on Mustafar
    Wat Tambor: Maimed and beheaded by Anakin on Mustafar
    Rune Haako: Beheaded by Anakin on Mustafar
    Poggle the Lesser: Sliced by Anakin on Mustafar
    Nute Gunray: Either slashed or beheaded (or both) by Anakin on Mustafar
    Anakin Skywalker: As Obi-Wan said, he did die "from a certain point of view". Obi-Wan cuts off Anakin's good arm and both of his legs, leaving him to fall into the lava and be reborn as Darth Vader
    Padme Amidala Skywalker: Anakin force-chokes her on Mustafar out of anger because she disagrees with him about his choices on following Palpatine and turning to the Dark Side. She is then brought to the remote Polis Massa medical facility, where she dies shortly after giving birth to Luke and Leia. Her last words to Obi-Wan are "There is good in him...I know it", which leaves Obi-Wan in tears.

    And that is the casualty list for ROTS.
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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    And according to the ROTS trading cards, it said Padme's injuries weren't fatal but she just gave up the will to live. Odd.

    So is Kit's beheading going to be a clean one or will there be chunks of tentacles flying around ?

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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    I thought her death bit was odd, Caesar.

    Well, at least the Medical Droid in the screenplay does not say she is dying of a broken heart like I saw mentioned somewhere else.
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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    I have heard differing lines from the medical droids. Maybe one, both, or none are used, but here they are: "She has simply lost the will to live."; "Her injuries have been repaired. We cannot explain this failure."

    Maybe it will just be implied that she has given up on life.

    In any case, I don't think it will be as cheesy as stating "She's dying of a broken heart."

    Still, I suddenly finding myself wondering, why has she lost the will to live if she believes there is still good in Anakin??? Possible plothole???
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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    I was paraphrasing about the dying of a broken heart because that's what is implied. The droid would'nt say that because it would require emotional understanding of the human mind. My point was that it was quite poor as far as plot points go. A little bit of a glossing over just to get to the meat of the story. same as Anakins reasons for turning to the dark side are swiftly glossed over to get to him being a mad bad sith boy cutting things up.

    Hmm you've forgotten to mention two clone pilots who go spinning off into space. plus dead Wookiees. and the clonetroopers with Barris Offee who are simply blasted away.

    And lets not forget the poor droids who get wasted either. R4-P17 gets destroyed as do the Sith medical droids or some of them. and millions of battle droids and destroyer droids and super battle droids and tank droids and vulture droids, tri fighter droids and buzz droids. They may not be organic but they sure do know how to say ouch and squeal like a girl when it hurts.

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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    Oh man, sorry Jargo. I was not referring to any posts you made about this. I was talking about something I had read on's forums regarding this broken heart deal being in an earlier work of the script/screenplay dealio. In fact, I think I saw it right around the time I was reading about the Han Solo thing they had dropped regarding his interactions with Yoda. Not a lot of good stuff in that MF topic at all.

    Again, didn't mean anything you had said about her death, Jargo.
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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    "She has simply lost the will to live."
    Did James Hettfield write this movie ? Or is that a quote from Star Wars Episode "One" ?

    Well since Padme is gonna die in this one, they sure as hell better be dangling that little Leia in her face to get a good look so she can be 'remembered' 3 movies later.
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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    hey no problem. crossed wires, that's all. nothing to see here, move along... move along.

    Yeah padme names both kids and sees both of them I think she names Leia first and touches her then they bring Luke to her and she names him and then she snuffs it. I think padme dies of a broken heart coz they gave her so many awful lines to deliver. Possiblt dying was the best option to get away from forever being saddled with bad EU stories.

    She looks pretty though as a dead person. Nice outfit to go out in rather than that horrible brown thing she wears on Mustafar. Though personally I don't think Natalie is a patch on Bail Organa's personal asistant. oooh she purty.

    I'm so easily distracted these days by shiney nice things.....

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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    What IS up with that brown outfit ? She's pregnant and George has her wearing a criss cross thing between her breasts. That guy is such a pig.

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    Re: List of everyone who will die in ROTS.....

    her belly seems awful small for carrying twins too. have you seen the size of those babies? OUCH! No wonder she screams during childbirth.


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