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    PSP Games

    Has anyone found a list yet of the available games and movies for the PSP? And/or what is on the "coming soon" list? doesn't even mention the platform.


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    Re: PSP Games

    This looks like a coming soon list:

    Maybe look at this:

    Or just look around here:
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    Re: PSP Games

    Quote Originally Posted by James Boba Fettfield
    This looks like a coming soon list:

    Maybe look at this:

    Or just look around here:

    Cool, thanks! I was thinking of getting a PSP but I want to wait until I see more games and movies that interest me first.

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    Re: PSP Games

    I'd like a PSP too, they sure look nice. My main problem with the machine though is the battery life.

    -2.5 hours playing UMD movies, claims Sony. Hope you don't plan on watching any of the LOTR films.

    -3 to 6 hours playing games. Not bad but it could be much better especially if we're expected to drop $250+ for this thing.

    Here are a few tests that were run by the people over at EGM: All of the times were logged using a PSP at meduim brightness and 2/3 maximum volume, no headphones.

    Battery Life:
    - playing Metal Gear Acid: 5 hr. 45 min.
    - playing video off memory stick: 5 hr. 37 min.
    - playing Ridge Racer using wireless: 3 hr. 11 min.
    - average time required for a full recharge (0 to 100 percent): 2 hr. 10 min.
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