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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Its been found out west, but havent heard of it on the east coast.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I have seen the TRU Starfighter in a couple of stores in the DC area. Doesn't appear to be selling very fast.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I've actually seen the TRU Anakin exclusive Jedi Starfighter (green) in Danvers several times. And there are usually a few misplaced in other sections of star wars stuff.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Yeah, I picked mine up in Danvers this weekend. Great little ship, though I had to go through all the ones they had to inspect the decals and see which one was the most acceptable.

    They also had Mustafar playsets there, and I picked one up.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I picked mine up last month at TRU in Brockton. I also managed to get the white clone 3 pack on Saturday at Target in Milford. Any one here find the Tarkin wave yet?

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found the Tarkin wave last weekend.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found the tarkin wave today still no 500 vader yet
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Last Sunday was my best day so far:

    Got the red clone 3 pack at WalMart Avon
    Tarkin, Tills, Ask at WalMart Abington
    Bacara, Anakin Mustafar and R 2 WalMart Brockton

    Last night I picked up the 500th Vader at TRU. I stopped by Weds and they checked the trucks manifest, saying to call in the AM. Sure enough they had one and saved it for me. By the time I went to pick mine up they had sold the other 5 the clerk said. It's a pretty cool piece, but steep on the price.

    Has anyone found the Flyer or green and blue clone packs?

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Answered my own question! I found the Wookie Flyer at the Target-Plainville Sunday morning.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Got Vader500 today at Danvers TRU. Last one and kinda hidden behind a Trivial pursuit SW edition.

    They also had Stacy Ally and her horrible resculpt on E1 Adi Gallia's body. They had the Wookie Flyer. Several. Many Mustafar Playset.

    Danvers Walmart had Palp 35 (my most anticipated figure and perhaps the worst figure of all time) and neimodian warrior and not much more.
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