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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Looking for recent news of the Target Exclusive TIE and Special Ops Clonetrooper.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Since my last post, I've picked up the Temple Assault Battlepack and the Hoth Battlepack.

    I also got the last Sandcrawler in Hot Topics nationwide inventory on Tuesday. It was on clearance for $30 and they shipped it in from Texas.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Indy your Sandcrawler should have only been $16.49. You can have them price adjust that for you instore.Hot Topic was great about picking up the Sandcrawler from other stores and shipping them to the nearest store. I had mine sent up to NH to save on tax. I picked up a dozen for 118.68 and returned the 2 i paid $70 for from Newbury Comics. I took one out of the box and it seems so small. It looks much better in the box.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I guess I'll have to call Hot Topic for an adjustment. I had heard some rang up 16 bucks. I hope they'll give me the difference.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found the Plo Koon Starfighter yesterday at Target. I called in the AM and they held it for the day. There were 4 left last night at 7:30. I used the dcpi to get it from the back.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Fwad, if you ever want to get rid of one of the Sandcrawlers, let me know LOL. I wished I had known about the Hot Topic deal. Anyone else know where to get a good deal on the Sandcrawler?

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I picked up Bly, Gree, and Neimodian Commander last night at WalMart in Abington. No sign of the others.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found Greivous Guard, Wookiee Commando, and Passel Agente this weekend, I just need to find Cat Miin.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Wow am I the only one finding things here..

    Last night I got the Lava Obi Wan and Anakin as well as the new Coruscant Battlepack at the N Attleboro Target. I used the dcpi numbers.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I picked up the Wookiee Heavy Gunner, R4-P17, Holo Plo Koon, and Holo Ayla Secura last night at Target. I also picked up Cat Miin. 11/12 complete. No sign of the 501st.


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