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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found Bly, Gree, Cat Min and the Wookie Commando a week ago - I skipped Cat Min as she is just a straight-up repaint and the Wookie Commando looked pretty weak, too, so I passed on that, as well. Got enough Wookies already.

    I had to get both clones, though.

    I think all I am interested in at this point are the Shadow Ops troopers when they come out, and some 501st Legion clone troopers.

    I do wish they would come out with some Galactic Marine troopers (Bacara's legion). They look like proto snowtroopers and are cool as hell.

    They also need a Commander Neyo fig, as well, to go with the Target Exclusive clones.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I picked up two Tac Ops Troops at Target on Friday, that finishes off my final 12.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I got the Holo Emperor and Clone DVD set last night!!!

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Finally got the Shadow Trooper last night. Finally, no more calling Target with DCPI numbers for a while!

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I got the gray clone evolution set at WalMart. Now I have everything but the twin sets

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    It is nice but they messed up the skirt part of the Episode 3 clonetrooper.I was able to glue the skirt back into 1 piece but it makes it hard to turn the waist of the trooper because the skirt is a little too tight now.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    The skirt is supposed to be removable so that you can add the gray belt if you want. But I do agree, there were less messy ways to make that feature.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Well, seems like Mass. is getting screwed again, or the goddamned scalper activity is at an all time high.

    Have yet to see a Tactical Ops trooper. Targets near me don't have Utaupau Shadow Troopers with stock room or floor locations, so looks like I am going to have to be there in the morning on the 20th and hope for the best - and raise all kinds of hell if all their cases are not intact and on the pegs Sunday morning.

    I hear all the time how Mass. is particularly bad for Star Wars collecting, and the more time that goes by, the more I believe. I never even saw Shock Troopers.

    I hope all scalpers get throat cancer and die.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    Wow Scack that's kind of harsh...

    I actually disagree and think Mass is one of the best for finding Star Wars things. I was working in NJ for almost a year and never found anything on time there. However, I have managed to get everything thats come out here. Ive seen plenty of Tac Ops Troops in fact, the day I bought mytwo I left 3 on the pegs. I managed to get Plo Koons Fighter, Lava Figures, Utapuan Shadw Trooper, and Coruscant Battlepack early using dcpis. Its all about being vigilant, going at the right time, being persistant and calling Target until you wear them down. I have been nice and relaxed for the last few weeks being caught up on everything but the Twins set (which isnt out yet). I really dont think its worth wishing cancer on people over something as trivial as a toy.

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    It's worth wishing cancer on people who take stuff out of my hands, and who don't even want it for their own collections, just so they can sell it on Ebay for a profit. They should go get real jobs and make their money that way.

    It's the whole "being vigilant" part that is unacceptable - I should not have to be, precisely for the fact that they are "just toys." I have a wife, I have a job, and have other demands on my time, as well. I don't have the ability to troll through stores every day in the morning looking for the figures I need - either Hasblow needs to ship them in large enough quantities to make them un-scalpable (never happens, especially not with the exclusives like Jedi Temple Assault set), or scalpers need to all get cancer and die so that regular guys like me can get what I need.

    Scalpers are no better than Enron - they unfairly jack up prices to suit their own needs. They can all burn in Hades.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire


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