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    I agree with Smack...maybe not cancer, but at least an a bad stomach bug or the bird flu.

    F the fat man and those like him.

    I shouldn't have to go to ten stores to find a 501st trooper (still haven't found). Being vigilant is tolerating their BS. I no longer use EBay. I just wait and eventually, when more figures come out, I can find the previous wave.
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    I found the new twin sets this weekend at WalMart. Finally done with the ROTS collection.

    Sometimes things just sell out. Its not always scalpers, it could just be other collectors. I see people on these very boards who buy huge armies of figures and duplicates of others to customize. While I do not condone scalpers by any means and dislike people who rush to ebay, there are ways to get things first. Just call Target and give them dcpis, when I leave for the office in the morning I'll call stores when I know something I need is coming out. They usually hold them, you just have to adapt to beat the scalpers.

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    I hear ya, but even that is too much. Maybe I am just old, but I cannot let finding a figure take up that much of my time. Besides, when it comes to individual figures there is no dcpi they can check - they can only check collection assortments which doesn't tell you which figures are in the boxes.

    If I am not able to get the figures I want just by randomly walking into a store, chances are I am not going to get them, which means my collecting days may be coming to a close in the forseeable future. Not getting the basic figures I need for a collection because either Hasblow has crappy distribution or some jackass is scalping them = not fun.
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    I picked up Leia, Han, Bib Fortuna, and Boba Fett on Saturday. The only one I couldnt find was Chewie. I got the Vader, Dooku, Rebel soldier, and Amidala holograms.

    I also got the 4 EE Clone sets, the holiday jawas, and my exclsuive wedge too.

    I placed my order for the Lucas Family set, it was a little expensive but still pretty cool.

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    I found Chewie Tuesday night! Im done with the first wave of Saga. I passed on Barada because I already have one.

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    They had the entire Carkoon wave at Target in Danvers, and they had at least three of everything. I was surprised, though, to find the Hoth wave. I found Snowtrooper, General Veers and Major Bren Derlin. Those were the only three there. Don't know if they opened one box of them.

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    I picked up Veers, Snowtrooper, Derlin, Gonk, and AT AT driver at WalMart. They had the entire wave.

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    Looking for a couple of Sith figures.Bail Organa, Captain Antillies,Padme, Mon Mothma.I never picked these up.Anyone seen these around lately.
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    Big Day! The mailman brought all kinds of good stuff today. My early bird figures showed up and Scorch, Orange Clone Trooper, and Sora Bulq came also. Bring on the next wave. I can't wait for Cody and Foul Moudama and the Firespeeder Pilot. For now Cody's clones will have to be led by my Green Clone Commander.
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    I've picked up Sora and Sun Fac so far. Im still looking for the Clone and Scorch. I'll keep searching though!


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