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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Thanks for the update, gives us hope. I stopped by the Danvers TRU and the Target on Route 1 in Saugus today during my run to get my holo Yoda, and there was nothing new.

    I decided I am bringing back about $200 worth of stuff I got at Midnight Madness because I know all these figures are going to be warming pegs for months. All I really want is to built my armies for now, I've decided.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I am debating bringing some things back too. MM euphoria had me drunk with new products. I went to the Danvers TRU for MM. It seemed smaller than MM for AOTC
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I brought stuff back on Tuesday the 12th, there was nothing new at the Target in Revere or the Wal-Mart just over the border in Lynn.

    Nor had there been anything new in the Danvers TRU when I returned some stuff on Sunday the 10th when I was going to get my holo Yoda.

    I have a feeling we are going to be waiting quite a few weeks for #33-#40...damnit, I just want my Clone Pilots and Clone Commanders!
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Kohl's at the liberty tree mall = not much, only wave 1 & 2. Sparse at best. I heard Kohl's was the place to find 33-36. They weren't talking the Danvers store.

    Target in Danvers, = nothing new.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found the red guard and a blue sabered #35 palpatine between Walmart No.Reading and Target Somerville.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    which store did you find the red saber Palpatine?
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Whats going on guys sorry I have not posted in a while I have been a bit busy but any way I have finally found 33-40 between wal-mart and kohls. But what I have been looking for is the Target clone trooper. Vader on the medical table. Any body have any luck finding these or any info when they would be out. The other thing is I am looking for palpatine #35 with the blue saber. I have been hanging all on my wall so I wanted to get them all. Oh before I forget anybody see any thing about 41-44. I have seen some holo-yoda lying around to so if anybody needs help with some things let me know.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I have some news.

    As of around 9:00 p.m. last night, 4/26, there was an AT-RT in the Danvers Target, and I know from checking dcpi's at another Target that they have 18 SA Clone Troopers left.

    I'm friends with the night manager at the Revere Target so I had her run the dcpi and check at local area Targets, as well. They had a bunch in the Somerville, South Bay, and Watertown Targets, I believe. I don't have my notes with me b/c I am at work, but if you have your Target run the dcpi, they will find them.

    I actually think a good strategy for this is to go to a Target which does not have them, have them run the dcpi, and then ask them if they can call the store which DOES have them and see if they can hold some for you, which is what I did. Perhaps if the request comes from a team member from another store they might pay it more heed.

    Also, I ran into someone in the Danver's Kohl's and he told me some interesting tales about collecting in the area.

    Apparently, the Wal-Mart on Route 105 gets ALL kinds of Star Wars toys, which is odd because it is such a small store. The woman there orders the toys to give them to people who work for her so they can scalp them, goes the theory.

    From what he told me, the TRU in Danvers has ALL kinds of shenanigans going on behind the scenes with any kind of collectibles. They didn't have any holo Yodas the night of midnight madness but this guy swore they had been in the store, just taken by the employees.

    I had always thought that Boston just got screwed in terms of supply, but according to this gentlemen I met at Kohl's that's not the problem at all. The problem is the scalpers, and how well-connected they are.

    One of the chief culprits is apparently this 300-pound-plus short, fat guy with glasses and a prop cane and who smells pretty bad (I give the details to see if any of you know of this person) who hits the stores as soon as they open and just takes everything that is rare. Apparently this person is personally responsible for why I cannot find any Clone Commanders or Clone Pilots or AT-TE gunners.

    So, if you should see such a person, make sure to tell him "Thanks for buying all the Clone Commanders," just to see the look on his face - and then post here to tell us all about it.

    I am hoping I can have a run-in with this biotch and give him an earful if I see him taking everything off the shelves.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    That guy you are talking about is at the Saugus Target every morning at opening. Then he goes to all the other stores. I would love to see some other people show up there at opening and go right for the Hot Wheels. I try to go there on the weekends and he flips out because he cant beat me to the toys. He will also follow you around to see what you get.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    He is also very friendly with the employees at that Target in Saugus. Also when a Target does a store locator for you the will get that stores inventory from the end of the previous day.
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