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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Nice to see that people are posting in here again. I just got the clone trooper and the 5-pack of cases the other night at Target in woburn i gave the lady at Guest Services the DCPI an she looked it up and called it out back an the brought them up They have 23 left at that store if anyone needs them. I also found a blue saber palpatine at the Salem NH Wal-Mart. I have been to most of the stores that you all are talking about Tru in Danvers Wal-mart on 114 target in saugus and the such I went to wal-mart in North Reading The other night and they had all of the New deluxe figures other then Vader there must have been like 6 or 8 of them you could actually see the spaces where there were takin from. It would figure that there are scalpers taking just that. If anyone needs HOLO Yodas TRU in medford had 5 yesterday just sitting on the shelf for 9.99 man I hope this does not continue like this cause I need 41-56 and if the scalpers are out picking those out that is going to be hard for all of us. Well hopefully we can all keep each other informed on what is out there and where Anybody needs a fig hidden let me know LOL

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Woburn's Target clonetroopers are gone. That N. Reading Walmart is a dump. I am really suprised you saw the new Deluxe there. 2 weeks ago i found 2 cases with Han Hoth and Luke Jedi only. 24 of each and they rang up for $1. Also last weekend the Tru in Peabody had a bunch of the Holo Yodas on the pegs with the rest of the figures. Thet can keep it for 9.99
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    given that I usually go to the Danvers area stores and never find anything, this news is very enlightening...and disturbing.

    I was in the Danvers TRU today, and they didn't have anyting over figure #24. I am not sure if they ever have. They did have the ARC-Fighter.

    Around the time of AOTC I ran into some TRU employees there that would always be watching me around the star wars stuff (not like a shoplifter because if I went to another part of the store they couldn't care if I walked out with 50 Talking Barneys). One guy would always tell me they were out of figures without me asking.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I have not had a hard time at all finding figures. This has been almost as easy as Episode 1. I have no problem helping you guy out finding stuff. I also got the case # of the clone troopes at Target. It was case 85 out of 111. That is how many cases came from the warehouse for this region. They might be able to reorder these. I will have to inquire about this. If when you scan the clone trooper it says NCF then the description of the item that means it is Not Carried Forward and they can't get anymore.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    The Peabody store has some big time Marvel Legends collectors working there. That is why for about a year no new Marvel Legends hit the floor.

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    As far as I am concerned, Fwad has confirmed the existence of this evil fat man who is taking all our figures (not that there is anything inherently wrong with fat people - I'm fat too, just not evil). I would love to see if there is something we can do about this. Unfortunately, I think it is entirely unrealistic. I work for a living so weekdays are out and weekend sleep is precious, although I am seriously considering showing up at the Saugus Target this Saturday morning just to see if this douchebag is there so I can thank him for buying all the Clone Commanders, Clone Pilots, and AT-TE Gunners, along with anything else #33-#40.

    If anyone has the spare capital to pick these up when they see them and they also have a PayPal account, I'm looking for two Clone Commanders, three Pilots for my ARC-170, and two Gunners. I can keep searching and hunting for the others, but I'm an army builder, and not being able to find these is really ****ing me off.

    Knowing what I know now about this prop-cane using j.o., I'm particularly incensed.

    You know, while I am asking - does anyone here play strategy boardgames? Given that I had time to get to know some people, I am dying to find people to play Clone Wars Risk with, and I might not mind getting together with some local collectors and seeing what kind of a network we can build up to help each other out and try to offset these scalper a-holes.

    I'll get off my soapbox now so someone else can post. *grin*
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    Thumbs up Re: Massachusetts Thread

    WOW r you sure that the Clone Troopers are gone form there (target in woburn) one I got mine yesterday the guy that brought them said that I was the 1st to ask about these. I hope collectors got them an not stinkin scalpers. I went to Wal-mart in Lynn an they are loaded with everything from 1-32 even had a few Blue Guards. I got nothing cause All I want is one of each and I already have 1-40. I was hoping to find vader onthe table and maybe anything 40. But I would love to help anyone that needs something. I used to do this with another guy that we would hide things in the store that we needed I now it sounds silly but it works. I mean if we work together there is no reason we cannot all get what we need. Like some one said earlier that they have not had trouble finding anything. I would have to agree I mean I have both guards Both palp #35 Lava Vader holo Yoda the early bird and the clone trooper. I belive the only thing that I want that I have not seen yet is Vader on the table Ani #2 w/Dooku saber an 41-56 sorry about babling on But like I said anyone that need help or can help me let me know. And hopefully we can stay ahead of the smelly fat man LOL

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I just got word from the guy I met at Kohl's (who hopefully will be making an account on here soon so I can stop calling him "the guy I met at Kohl's" as I don't feel comfortable giving out his name) that the Vader on the operating table, Yoda on flying-insect-thing (), Clone Trooper with jetpack and Crab Droid have all been seen around here. I forget precisely which store they were found at, but my Kohl's acquaintance thinks he has an idea of the case assortment, so they were newly-pegged.

    The more I talk to my Kohl's acquaintance, the more I think that we are getting plenty of product around here, but it is just getting seized by the scalpers.

    Does anyone know how to cut brakes? Apparently Mr. Fat-and-Smelly had his car egged once upon a time, which means we can find the car if we need to...

    Okay, I need to take that back as saying things like that probably isn't taken too kindly by the board monitors and I really didn't mean it *cough* though the more I hear about Cane Boy the more despicable he sounds.

    So, without getting too specific as to where we are all from, for security's sake, where is everyone from? LOL! North Boston here.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire

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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    Salem, Danvers, Peabody area. I hit NS mall and Liberty tree. SOmetimes I hit the Burlington mall area. And the N. Reading Walmart. But without getting too specific, I live in one or the first 3 cities.

    F the fat man.
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I think every MA person on here in the Boston area should add "F the Fat Man" to their signature. I'm going to after I post this.
    "The concept of infinity can only be grasped by contemplating the depths of human stupidity." - Voltaire


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