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    84 8.01%
  • $5-100

    233 22.21%
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    208 19.83%
  • $200-400

    275 26.22%
  • $400-600

    139 13.25%
  • $600-800

    53 5.05%
  • $800-1,000

    22 2.10%
  • more than $1,000

    35 3.34%
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    How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that April 2nd, 2005, was the big day for Star Wars merchandise as it was release date Lucasfilm chose for the majority of Revenge of the Sith items. Some Toys R Us and Wal-mart stores had midnight madness events, Target had a special coupon, and each major chain had at least 1 exclusive -- there was certainly no shortage of Star Wars product released on April 2nd. Some collectors spent a lot while others just picked up a few items.

    So, from Midnight Madness to online to regular business hours, how much did you spend this April 2nd on Star Wars?

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    After going over all of my receipts again my total came in just over $400. $100 at TRU at MM, $60is at WM right after, $77 at Target in the morning, $143 at WM after that, and another $13 at Target after that (another Lava Vader). So if you add that up it's just over $400.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    $2300 the first day and counting!

    I dropped $1265 at the first Walmart I went to, $560 the second Walmart, $12.99 at Target for my Lava Vader (-$5.00 Vader gift card balance), then another $300 at Walmart for 10 Early Birds and another $300 at Toys Ain't Us on the games and about 5 Arc-170's. Oh, and I ordered 5 Holo-Yodas from Amazon so that's another $50 plus 2 500th Vaders so that's another $40.

    Day 2 I dropped about another $200 picking up some missing stuff.

    And that ain't counting the Master Replicas I've pre-ordered so that's about another $2000.

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    To decadentdave:

    Holy crap!! I just have to ask- why so much?

    I am an old-school SW geek/collector, and even I think that's WAY too much to spend on new stuff.

    To each his own I guess...

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    decadentdave you are truely living up to your name. One question why 10 early bird sets? I can see 2,3 or even 4 maybe but 10 I just don't see a need unless they are for others.
    More is more. Less is less, Twice as much is good too,
    Too much is never enough except when it's just about right.
    People who have helped me out: DarthChuckMc, msjedi, bobafett07728, jjreason, dr_evazan22

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    I spent around $900 with books and figures. I have to have 2 of every figure. One to open and admire and one to keep MIB. I thought it would be very hard to get the lava Vader so I had family members looking as well.. I only wanted 2 and now I have 5.
    I was well over $1000 myself if you count the MR pre-orders. It was a fun midnight madness. I didn't get to bed until 4 AM and had to be at Target at 8 AM for lava vader.
    The Wal-MArt manager wan't happy with us. We started opening all the boxes that were still sealed in the isles. Got to do what you got to do!

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    $96.00 dollars

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    Nothing. I'm waiting for sales on basic figs. and bigger stuff to to go on clearance, which we all know it will.

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    I ended up with 10 figures ($5.00 each), Target Clone Trooper & cup set ($10.00) Obi-Wan's Jedi Fighter ($20.00) and the novelization (about $20.00).

    And a couple weeks ago I purchased the two sided poster from

    I figure every so often I will pick up a figure or two and get my collection that way.

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    Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    ahh decandentdave live the dream! I spent 500+ and would have gotten more if the wife did not have reminded me that it is her birtday this week and i already spent half of what she was going to spend on herself and that the kids needed to eat this month....I got 2 each of the 32 and 4 lava vaders and some more stuff, it was all good. i will have to wait a few weeks until i bleed out my walet again.


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