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    I want to see:
    - New Mara Jade.
    - New Xizor.
    - Guri.
    - Jinx.
    - Electronic Virago Fighter w/Pilot.
    - Electronic TIE-Defender w/Pilot.

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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    Cilla Black...!!!

    Hahahahahaaaaa!!!! That is AWESOME!!! I wonder how many other readers even KNOW who Cilla Black is!
    This is where my Beatles knowledge comes in handy: she was a singer, had her own show, on which Ringo appeared.
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    I want to see:
    Captain Pellaeon
    Admiral Daala
    New sculpt Thrawn(larger and more terrorizing)
    Borsk Fey'lya
    and a Chiss imperial commander/officer(Chiss is the species of Thrawn).
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    i loved the EU because i thought the dark empire comics were awesome.

    i don't agree that they should be on separate cards. if need be, put it on the blue saga cards, but use a different color scheme on the bubble insert card, where the title of the movie each figure is from is printed. that way the die-hard collectors are happy, and the not-so-die-hard collectors have a product that goes along with the theme, but are their own separate thing as well. after all, if they use the same card, that's less cost to hasbro and more chance of us actually getting it...

    anyway, i want a nekkid emperor clone from dark empire...

    seriously, though, there is too much stuff out there for hasbro not to do this. but i bet we'll just get another darth maul or qui-gon. don't get me wrong, i like darth maul, it's just that i have enough of him. unless he's packaged with a sith infiltrator... huh, huh? infiltrator?
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    There are very EU popular characters I think must be made by Hasbro:

    Shadows of the Empire

    - Xizor (new)
    - Dash Rendar (new)
    - Leebo
    - Guri
    - Xizor's Guard (new)
    - Jix

    Heir To The Empire

    - C'Baoth
    - Cap. Pellaeon
    - Talon Karrde

    Darth Mauk: Shadow Hunter

    - Lorn Pavan
    - I-5
    - Darsha Assant

    I think Lorn & I-5 are the better characters from a SW novel I have seen in years. I would like to see how they look.

    Crimson Empire

    - Kirk Kanos (removable helmet)
    - Carnor Jax
    - Mirith Sinn

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    Dear Hasbro, Gimmie EU 3 packs please.

    I would like them to be like the cinema scenes, heres my wish:

    The Last Command set:
    Mara Jade and Luke Vs C'both

    Shadows of the Empire set:
    Luke and Lando dressed as Gaurds

    Dark Empire II set:
    Luke and Cam

    Crimson Empire set:
    Royale guards

    and other EU figs in a basic assist:

    Jedi Kyle Kataran



    Jodo Cast

    Arden Lyn

    Aniakin Solo

    Solo Twins
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    Petition for Figures from The X-Wing Book Series

    Hey everyone lets have a petition for figures from Rogue Squadron from the X-Wing books, to top my list would be Corran, Ooryl, Tycho, Newara, Bror, Gavin, and a new Wedge. Lets hear it! Support this idea!
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    im all in favor of this, ive wanted these for a long time, great idea, cmon hasbro i mean we've got two sullustans why not an ooryl or a nawara?

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    2 Sullustans? I am all for this, but will Hasbro ever actually see this and if they do will we ever see figures we really want?

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    jodo kast would be a very awesome figure
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